Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Airfield Farm

Family outings with 3 little boys are lots of fun but can be a bit chaotic sometimes! So I really love when I get the chance to bring just one of my boys out with me somewhere they really enjoy and can give them my undivided attention. Last week I got to bring my little middle man out, he absolutely loves animals and is obsessed with cows so I thought a trip to Airfield Farm in Dundrum would be nice :-)

It really is a lovely place. S was delighted with himself running around exploring the different paths, buildings and of course the hill!

Lots of pretty flowers in the gardens.

Yaaay, lots of dandelion seeds to blow away :-)

Cute donkeys sleeping under the trees :-)

We got to see the eggs being collected (naturally I was in love with the gorgeous blue eggs). S was delighted when the hens came up to us and chatted "bok bok bok" :-)

There's a cute little play area for little ones and some vintage cars to see.

We went to the lovely restaurant, S had a giant cookie and I had a lovely breakfast made from Airfield Farm produce.

S loves looking around houses with me when we go house hunting so I knew he'd love to do the house tour. He was especially impressed with the light up globe.

But of course the absolute highlight of the day was getting to pat the beautiful moo cows :-)

We just had the loveliest day, my little S is the sweetest, most loving and kind child and is just such a treasure to be with, I got so many cuddles and kisses, I am blessed :-)


sandra gilbert said...

It sounds like you had a lovely time. You brought back a lovely memory of going off to the cinema with my Mum without my brother or sister it was so special having time on my own with her.

Maison Jen said...

Looks like you had a really special, fun day at Airfield farm. :-) Gorgeous photos! Makes me want to visit again really soon!

Thrifted Treasure said...

Thanks girls, it's such a lovely spot :-)