Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Heat wave ;-)

Well, the mercury SOARED to 27 degrees celsius here in Dublin today. You would think my Aussie boys, well used to temperatures in the thirties, would have still considered this bordering on cool, but no, here they are wilting in the sun at an after-school picnic with friends.

Lightweights. I guess they have acclimatised. Either that or after months of being "absolutely freezing" this feels like being thrown into an oven!

We're off to the beach tomorrow, can't wait!!!


Leisha said...

Alice that is funny re the boys . As an Aussie from Queensland 27c is a really nice day , considered pleasant , not hot . The boys have probably acclimatised to the Irish weather . After a cold winter the warmth must be heaven .

Thrifted Treasure said...

It certainly is! Bit rainy again now but hopefully the sunshine will be back :-)