Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Dear Santa...

This year, I ask nothing of you. I have more in life than I could ever have possibly wished for.

So I repeat I ask absolutely nothing of you...


If you did manage to fit any one of these in your sleigh just for me I would not complain one little bit...

Not one little bit  ;-)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Kids' Study Nook

For quite a while now I've been on the lookout for a sweet little desk for my boys to use for doing homework, looking up "stuff" on Google and working on projects. I have been very inspired by cute study areas such as these...

Aren't they all GORGEOUS?!? I have been itching to create a cute little study nook of our own and finally in Vinnie's this morning I found this...

A gorgeous wooden vintage desk for just $10!!! AND they now have FREE delivery! I LOVE it, 4 drawers for lots of paper and craft supplies and the 2 shelves will be perfect for books, mini-figs, pottery creations and whatever else the munchkins deem necessary :-)

I also spotted this fab chair last month at council clean up, FREE on the side of the road!

I am planning to paint the desk a lovely pale vintage blue (I won't need to bother giving it the distressed look, my boys will sort that out ;-), red gloss on the chair and lots of little bits and pieces on the desk such as the lovely retro orange lamp I got earlier this year at a flea market.

Tip: If you are ever looking for inspiration to decorate your kids' rooms you need look no further than The Boo and The Boy - a fantastic blog full of gorgeous rooms, designs and ideas!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Here and there

There is no particular theme to the little collection of things I am sharing today, just some pretty items I have picked up here and there...

A pair of pretty dishes - $1 each.

A gorgeous turquoise Royal Winton jug - $4.

Another vintage Persinware scales - $3. I already have one of these in red, I love the fact that they were made in Australia.

When I found this little clay snail for 50 cents at a market I couldn't resist painting him blue :-)

A cute little birdie - $1.

A pretty jar with etched floral design - 50 cents.

Yes!!! Another Figgjo piece in the Market design - this little square bowl was only $1!

And finally, at last a piece of Pyrex in the Butterprint design in TURQUOISE! I have wanted this design and colour forever and was lucky enough to win it over on Emma's blog! Thanks again Emma, I love it :-)

OK, a little warning - you know I am a Christmas FREAK and with it being November I am officially excited and feel a festive post coming on very soon!!!