Sunday, September 15, 2013

A little corner

I love this little corner of our sunroom. It has 2 of my absolute favourite pieces of art...

I got this awesome Star Wars original gocco print from Etsy, how cute are Yoda and R2D2? Etsy is an absolute goldmine for original art, I have gotten some lovely paintings and original screenprints there too, love it!

Another of my absolute favourite places to buy art is Gallery Artes, all the work there is by artists who work under the Studio Artes initiative, check out their website and gallery, they have the most awesome original paintings and prints for really affordable prices. The gallery itself also has a small studio where you can see the artists at work, it has a lovely relaxed yet productive atmosphere. This original lino cut print is by artist Matthew Calandra, I got to have a great chat with him the day I bought it, a really lovely man, great artist with no pretentions, I'm hoping to buy more of his work soon.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My entire Le Creuset collection - Vintage, Retro and New!

This morning I decided to tackle one of my least favourite household chores, cleaning the tops of the cupboards and shelves in my kitchen. As I hauled down my various bits and pieces of Le Creuset cookware I thought I'd do a little photoshoot and share my collection :-)

I thought I'd start with some new pieces to my collection...

A cast iron 2 quart pumpkin shaped casserole, bought online from the USA.

A red 2 quart cast iron heart shaped casserole bought on Amazon UK.

An Antique Rose pink heart shaped cast iron casserole. These were made in a limited number and only available in Japan so you have no idea how I stalked eBay until I found a brand new one in the USA and cajoled the seller into shipping to Australia :-)

A cast iron doufeu, another ebay purchase, I really scored on this one! The seller just put something like "cast iron vintage pot" as the description, including the word doufeu would have set the price soaring, I got it for $34 including postage!!

A lovely cast iron terrine - another Amazon UK purchase (before they stopped shipping homewares to Australia :-(

I think most of my other cast iron pieces have been shared on the blog before but here's a recap...

Various vintage pieces in the flame colour including an awesome retro Cousances casserole (Cousances were Le Creuset's main competitor before they bought them out in the 1950s).

My Enzo Mari designed Mama cast iron baking dish.



Various scallop handled gratin dishes.

Various pots and frying pans including my prized Enzo Mari designed white cast iron pots, a steal at a market a few years ago and used daily ever since :-)

My beloved French ovens in Teal and Coastal blue, different shapes and sizes for different meals, the huge 28cm teal casserole is perfect for cooking in bulk, bought from John Lewis and Amazon in the UK.

I adore this teal shallow casserole and use it for various casseroles and pasta bakes, bought on Amazon UK.

My absolute favourite find of all time is this turquoise Raymond Loewy designed retro coquelle, $15 at a car boot market.

Another Raymond Loewy coquelle, the shallower size - $65 including postage on eBay, the seller didn't put "Raymond Loewy" in the description, score!

I have also collected some bits and pieces from Le Creuset's stoneware collection, the orange mini-casseroles were a gift from my little sis, I got the turquoise heart shaped mini casseroles and mixing jug in Ireland, the pink bowl was another Amazon purchase and the salt crock and utensil jar are from Myer and David Jones.

So here it is in all its glory, in one photo, all my cast iron pieces together...  

 Some more gratuitous group shots...

 And finally my little stoneware collection...

OK so all in all it's a BIG collection, but it's not really hoarding if you use it EVERY day, is it?