Friday, November 27, 2015


I'm in a bit of a blogging rut.  I know this happens to all bloggers at one stage or another. I think maybe my blog needs a new lease of life, a redesign, a new name, something!!!

I came up with the name "Thrifted Treasure" back when I started this blog because it was originally just about my vintage finds which were frequent in the fab Sydney op shops. Then bits of everyday life and snippets about my kids started to sneak into my blog and I kind of started regretting the one-dimensional aspect of the name I had chosen. A couple of years ago I made the decision to completely remove my kids from the blog, something I don't regret, I never wrote anything personal about them anyway and was always careful to protect their privacy, names, location etc but then I missed the little rascals being on the blog so of course they have started to creep back on here occasionally, albeit photographed from angles not showing their little faces etc.

So now, here I am in Ireland, absolutely LOVING being back!!! That's a whole other blog post but it leaves me wondering where to go with this blog. I definitely want to keep it up but the charity shops here are pretty poor when it comes to bric-a-brac, I've heard carboot markets are good but with our weekends always filled with kids' sports, parties, outings etc I don't get the chance for much vintage shopping anymore.

So here we go. I think the future of the blog is going to be a mishmash of different topics; life with my boys, redecorating our new home (we are currently on the hunt for our forever home), features on vintage kitchenware, recipes I love, inspiration from the web, cute purchases for my boys and our home (in lieu of good charity shops I have become addicted to the homewares section in TK Maxx, I literally find something fab every time I go in there!!!) and places we love to go.

Now I just have to think up a good name to reflect this new direction. Of course I want to keep the original vibe of my blog going too, I am going to make more effort with my vintage shopping, there are some great vintage shops in Dublin, obviously the prices are higher than in charity shops but they have some seriously fab stuff. I AM going to make time to visit some markets and of course there is always eBay France for some good Le Creuset bargains :-)

So please bear with me while I get my inspiration back!

If only I had the energy of these three little explorers...  :-)