Friday, February 27, 2009

A Fine Pair

Well, I thought I'd found the vintage globe of my dreams a few weeks ago, as previously posted. I was wrong, THIS is the vintage globe of my dreams :-) I got it in Vinnie's a couple of days ago for $12. My husband estimates it to be from the late 60s judging by the country names.

It has a lovely metal base and arm.

Don't they make a lovely pair :-)

Monday, February 23, 2009


Other things I love to find are items for the kitchen, I have countless thrifted glasses, cutlery etc but they wouldn't make very exciting subjects. Here are a few of my favourite kitchen finds:

The vintage Willow bun tray was $2 in Vinnie's, lovely blue whisk $2.50 in Vinnie's and the cute glass heart bottle stopper was 50 cents in a garage sale, perfect for bottles of bubbly.

I love these groovy monkey pod trays, the large one is perfect for carrot sticks, chips etc and the small ones are good for either putting olives, dips etc or are perfectly sized for holding so guests can fill them up and carry them off, much nicer than plastic plates at a bbq :-)

This serving tray is another favourite, $5 in Vinnie's.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The wood stuff

I LOVE things made of wood, especially items with lots of gnarls and swirls, some of my favourites are:

This gorgeous bud vase, perfect for putting the flowers my eldest munchkin picks for me when we go for walks :-)  $5 in Vinnie's

I love the 70s look of this footed wooden bowl made up of strips of different New Zealand timbers, bought on eBay.

These Mulga bookends are another eBay purchase. 

And yet another little wooden bud vase, $3 in Salvos.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cutting it fine

On Saturday morning I sacrificed my weekly sleep-in to go to a carboot market without the munchkins in tow. There weren't as many stalls as usual, probably due to the heat, so I was surprised at the fab things I found! I spent a total of $30.50, for that I got 3 wooden storage boxes perfect for my art supplies, a BIG bag of Thomas compatible tracks including tunnels a bridge and hill (anyone with boys will know that for $4 that was a great find) and the other lovely items below:

This gorgeous vintage paper cutter/guillotine was $10. It is in perfect working order and will be perfect for cutting down photos, craft projects etc.

I LOVE this old pencil sharpener, it's a vintage classroom style that can be screwed down onto the desk or a wall, "just like teacher used to have". $5!!!

MORE wooden document trays, these ones are great, they're much bigger than A4 so perfect for keeping magazine cutouts etc. $2 each.

These hammered metal napkin rings will look great on a table setting with my lovely vintage silverware and goblets and the tea strainer is cute too - $2 for the lot!

And lastly a cute storage jar for $1, they had a box full of these but unfortunately with all my other buys I could only carry one.

Monday, February 9, 2009


As I write this post, 173 souls have been lost in the Victorian bushfires and the death toll is still rising. I am praying for all the people who have lost their lives and the family and friends mourning them. And thanking God for heroes like the firefighters who are doing everything in their power to prevent more deaths and to get the fires under control.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

That 60s Book

One of my favourite thrifted books is "Design for Modern Living" by Gerd and Ursula Hatje published in 1962.  It is full of contemporary design as envisaged in the 60s. There are some really fantastic pictures of modern homes of the time, some look incredibly dated now, others still look fantastically modern even by today's standards.

This lovely study wouldn't look out of place in a modern home today, I have seen many of a similar style in the Flickr Corners of my Home pool.

A very charming dining area.

A fun way of fitting 3 kids' beds into one room.

My boys would love these bunk beds!

I love this one - 3 children sit eating quietly whilst Mother works in kitchen and risks whacking her head above those ever so fashionable overhanging units once again!

What a gorgeous spot to sit and look out at a lovely garden.

This dining ensemble would still look contemporary today.

As I said some of the rooms do look very dated now but still have that lovely 60s charm:

There are some great ideas for neatly integrating mod-cons such as cassette recorders :-) into your home, and check out the built-in drinks cabinet!! That would such a 60s/70s/80s feature, all houses had a drinks cabinet with a range of spirits to offer friends who dropped in, no bringing your own esky of beer in those days!

There are some nice paragraphs on design classics such as the Eames and Barcelona chairs below, you can regularly see reproductions of these classics today on eBay and in furniture stores, I am a huge fan of the Eames 1952 steel framed chair and the 1929 Van der Rohe Barcelona chair, they make such a design statement when placed in the modern interiors of today's home but seem to be just part of the room when placed in 1960s surroundings.