Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Yesterday, after school and homework were finished with, I heard an excited little shout coming from the back window "There's a FOX in our garden!!!" There was huge excitement amongst the boys as this was their first fox sighting here in Ireland.

I looked out and sure enough curled up in a little ball was this beautiful creature, fast sleep...

I stared at him carefully to make sure he was in actual fact breathing and thankfully he was :-)

The boys stared at him for ages, D had an Attenborough-like narrative going "and now the fox is stretching, and waking, now he's asleep again...".

This went on for an hour or so and I started to feel a bit worried that even though the fox was focussing on us through the glass he hadn't moved away, I was worried he was sick and went out to the garden and walked right up to him, he just stared at me and stretched again, of course I went and got the camera to take a snap, still not a bother on him.

Eventually he got up and prowled around the garden, had a chew of the various toys out there and then climbed up the back bank and over the neighbours' wall.

We have named him "Fraggle" and hope he comes back to visit another day :-)