Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Hello cutie :-)

We took the soccer ball to the park earlier for a kick around and met this little guy...

...isn't he gorgeous?  :-)

Saturday, February 14, 2015

♥♥ Love Hearts ♥♥

Happy Valentine's Day everyone...

...any excuse to use my Le Creuset love hearts :-)

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

In my kitchen

Today I thought I'd share some nice additions to my kitchenware collection, some from Sydney, some from France, some from here...

I bought this beautiful vintage compote at a little brocante market in Paris on our recent trip. It cost 5 euro, they were also selling the most beautiful matching soup tureen for 10 euro but would have been way too big to carry on to the plane home, sniff..

I found this massive cast iron Doufeu back in sydney before I left but don't think I ever shared it on the blog, it cost 15 dollars in Vinnie's and is perfect for big roasts and slow cooking.

Another French find, from eBay this time. I still can't believe my luck finding these stunning vintage turquoise Le Creuset saucepans designed by Enzo Mari in the 1970s!!! They are in fantastic condition at a great price and the great thing is that postage within the European Union is pretty OK so I can now stalk fab bargains on eBay France to my heart's content :-)

A few more Pyrex cinderella bowls to add to my collection, the green shamrock bowl has been on my wishlist for ages!

I have started collecting the little round Pyrex casseroles also known as 473s. This gorgeous blue and white pattern is called "Colonial Mist".

So far I only have 4 different patterns but I'm patient :-)

These cute little JAJ Pyrex (English Pyrex) casseroles cost a total of 3 euro in Oxfam here in Dublin. The patterns aren't necessarily my favourites but they're great for storing leftovers in the fridge :-)

That's all for now, what fab things have you found lately?