Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sweet Find

I came across these cute story book/records in Vinnie's recently and of course, being the big nostalgic kid I am, couldn't resist them :-)

They were made in the 1960s and each book is beautifully illustrated and contains a double sided record.

I can just imagine a little kid all cosy in their pyjamas excitedly waiting for their Mum to flip over to Side B to hear how the story ended :-)

Aaah, life before MP3s, DVDs, WIIs...

Monday, November 9, 2009


My very talented and creative sister has opened an Etsy shop, here's just a peek at some of the beautiful hand-crafted items available...

Fabulous Bohemian necklace.

Stunning bridal tiara.

Elegant earrings for a special occasion.

Luxurious handmade soaps.

Delicious peppermint lip balms.

These are just a few of the many really beautiful items available, so click here or any of the pictures above to check out the shop and perhaps treat yourself or buy a gift for someone special :-) I am lucky enough to own several pieces of her very lovely jewellery, each one gorgeous and unique.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Google Monster!

Oh My God!!! I just squealed when I logged onto Google today, is this not their BEST logo ever???

Happy 40th Anniversary Sesame Street :-)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Lucky Seven

I popped into a rummage sale at a nearby Church at the weekend. It had been advertised a few weeks ago and is only held twice a year. I needed to get some groceries that morning anyway so I brought D in the front of the double stroller and H and S stayed home with hubbie, who needless to say was less than thrilled when I came back from my "grocery shopping" with the back of the stroller full of the following seven GORGEOUS items!

An aqua hole punch (my obsession with vintage office equipment rears its head again).

A lovely black metal toast rack, I'm going to use this as a letter rack.

A really cool bakelite bankers style desk lamp, I LOVE these and have seen them on eBay occasionally but always above what I'd want to pay when postage is taken into account. (By the way the hole in the wall behind the lamp is courtesy of S and his colouring pencils).

I've spotted these around markets a few times, I think they're for toasting things over an open camp-fire, fun!

I love vintage wire baskets and this one is pretty unusual, it can be used open...

Or closed (I used sticky tape to keep it closed for the photo until I find a little piece of wire).

This spice rack is a little "country kitchen" for my liking but...

I love the little spice jars and the stand could always get a makeover with some duck-egg coloured paint perhaps.

And finally, a blue metal slide box. I already have one almost the exact same style in green so they'll make a lovely pair.

Oh look! I forgot to type the prices I paid for each item... I'll just give you a total, shall I? How does $7 sound? Yes, you read correctly, SEVEN DOLLARS!!!

Most items had a colour coded sticker indicating price, that fab bakerlite lamp had a red sticker meaning $1, the spice rack had a yellow sticker indicating $2!! The other items I picked up had no stickers so when I brought them to the desk to pay the guy just muttered guesstimates for each item (50 cents for the wire basket!!!) and gave me a total of $7! I almost ran out the door after paying in case he changed his mind!