Wednesday, September 30, 2009

White Pyrex

Oh no, another pyrex post!!! But wait! The last one was about my coloured collection, this one is completely different - it's about my white collection!

While pyrex pieces in bright solid colours with simple patterns are my favourite, classic white pieces definitely add a touch of retro elegance to a Summer lunch or gathering...

These divided dishes are perfect for cooking 2 dishes at once or serving up different flavoured chips etc - $3 each.

I really like the green pattern on this casserole - $3.

Love the funky retro pattern on this casserole - $2.

After much searching for a complete set of pyrex ramekins at markets and in op shops I finally caved and bought this set of 6 on eBay - including postage they worked out at $2.50 each.

I've never seen this lovely rose design anywhere else, only $1!!!

I adore this big mixing bowl, white with mustard flowers, at the same time I picked up the even bigger contrasting mixing bowl - mustard with white flowers - $8 for the pair.

A cute platter with a retro design - $1.

This set is classic white with a green leaf pattern - 50 cents per piece.

Yet another serving dish - $1.

Also, I very happily came across an assortment of pyrex lids at $1 each in Vinnie's last week, I bought 5 which fit various casseroles and dishes I have - hurray!!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009


I find myself strangely drawn to seascapes and maritime paintings, I cannot explain why, I can't even swim and, unless I dose up on Kwells before a boat trip, suffer from seasickness. But there is something about a painting of a boat on the sea, be it a galleon in a wild storm or a little rowing boat, that calls to me. I especially love Chinese junk boats, there is something so exotic about them, something that cries adventure!!!

I bought these 4 original oil paintings by Indonesian artist Ngai Sing in one lot on eBay. I was surprised but delighted to be the only bidder and got them for $27.80 including postage! They measure 30cm x 25cm each and are stretched canvases, unframed. Love, love, love them!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Trophy Wife

Silver plated items can be found in abundance in thrift stores and at markets. There are the good, the bad and the ugly. I like to think I stick to the good :-)

I was beyond thrilled recently to find these gorgeous large urns at Vinnie's for $5 each, they have a trophy style to them that made me feel quite the winner when I found them. They're big so I may use them as planters. At the moment they are tarnished but would polish up beautifully, I don't know whether to make them all gorgeous and shiny or leave them with their vintage tarnished charm - any thoughts?

They have such beautiful detailing, I can't believe one of these could cost as little as a cheeseburger meal at McDonald's!

I found these lovely candlesticks at a flea market and paid $12, they are in pristine condition and will look fab with my vintage silver tableware, napkin rings and goblets.

I love this wire bowl, I have seen these several times on Etsy but always postage in US only so I was really pleased to get this for $3! Again I'm not sure whether to polish or leave tarnished?

This tray is a beauty - a $3 find! It's big, gorgeous and heavy and bringing my hubbie the occasional breakfast in bed will be a much more elegant affair than the plastic tray off the high-chair I've been using up until now :-)

Friday, September 18, 2009


It's Spring here in Sydney and with temperatures topping 30 degrees already I am envisioning many an evening out on the deck sipping ice-cold fruity drinks. There should be ample opportunity so to utilise some recent drink-related finds :-)

Fruity cocktails shall be decanted from and served up in this lovely glassware (as far as I'm concerned there just aren't enough opportunities in life to use the verb 'decant' so I urge you to slip it into conversation whenever possible). This set was $5 in Vinnie's.

Ice-cubes will have the luxury of being created in these rather gorgeous vintage Frigidaire anodised Quickube ice-trays, from the 1950s - $1 for the pair in Salvos.

Glasses of sparkling white wine will be served up on this gorgeous little tray - $1 in Vinnie's.

Who could not fall in love with this set of coasters featuring illustrations of beautiful birdies? - $2 in Vinnie's.

Typing this post has made me thirsty, children are napping so I'm off out onto the deck for an ice-cold glass of lemonade (and a chocolate eclair, yum).

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mr and Mrs

Anyone out there NOT love peacocks? Shame on you! I get so excited whenever I see one, the delight when they fan out their stunning tails and vainly enjoy the gasps from all who watch. I was delighted to come across this little pair...

Poor old peahen, one of the species where the male is the fairer sex. No hairy bums, bald heads and pot-bellies here thank you very much :-p


They are heavy-ish, brass I think, I'll probably use them as little paperweights or something. Interestingly peacocks seem to be very en vogue this year in fashion, I have spotted numerous tops and maxi-dresses in high-street stores in peacock fabrics, lovely!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Following the rules

I appear to have unwittingly amassed a worrying number of vintage measuring devices...

Vintage folding rule

L-shaped ruler thingy

Dressmaker's ruler

Old classroom rulers

Vintage measuring tapes

I can't explain this interest, maybe the way the numbers are burnt into the wood, the fonts... I'm not sure. Am I a complete nerd or are there others out there too?