Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Office

We moved home last week, just another rental for now while we decide where in the world to settle, sell our house in Ireland and buy here in Sydney or possibly try mainland Europe for a while? I love this new place, it's a comfortable house with gorgeous views of a natural reserve, a working fireplace, lots of nooks and crannies and best of all a rumpus room!!! We are still in the process of finding new homes for all our "stuff" but we are getting there. Here's a little corner of the study...

Did you spot my new acquisition?

This lovely vintage 2 drawer card catalogue brings me a step closer to my dream cabinet.

I love that it was made here in Sydney.

I think it sits so nicely with some of my other vintage office finds.

Still so in love with this Boston pencil sharpener.

Thankfully this lovey fan has replaced the white plastic one my hubbie was using.

And my lovely aqua vintage typewriter, what more could a girl want?

Sadly this lovely little arrangement probably won't last more than a couple of days, when practicality will take over and my husband will stack this side-table with overstuffed lever arch files and numerous blinking, buzzing gadgets. Sniff...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Miroslav Sasek

As a result of my baby boy's appetite for destruction when it comes to literature, I often buy secondhand so that all my boys can enjoy being surrounded by books and explore them without me stressing about the cost. I also just love vintage books so it's win-win really.

I do however also love brand new books, the crispness of the paper and the enjoyment of browsing in a bookshop. Any really beautiful books received as gifts or with sentimental value are kept up high and just for story time. On a recent trip to Borders I came across a collection that would definitely fall in the latter category.

Miroslav Sasek was a Czech artist, illustrator and author of the This is series of children's books, the first being "This is Paris" published in 1958. If you get a chance to check out these beautifully illustrated books please do! They have been reissued and are beyond gorgeous! The illustrations are so vintage and stylish and of their era. I would love to buy every one of them but at $30 each may have to limit them to a few birthdays, so if I had to narrow it down to my top 5 I would pick:

There are so many more in this series, if you're interested click here for more details.

Friday, July 10, 2009


I don't buy kitsch very often, I have a fear I'd get carried away and end up with a home looking like an Austin Powers set! However when I saw this little guy I couldn't resist...

A very groovy glass fish platter - $2.50 in Vinnie's. Wouldn't he look fab adorned with smoked salmon and cream cheese balls or sweet chilli prawns?

Besides its kitsch charm this is actually a nicely crafted piece. It looks like it's been carved out of ice.

Look at that sad little fishy face, how could I not bring him home?

Swim fishy swim...

Saturday, July 4, 2009

I'll do it myself!

In a rare aimless moment, a few months ago, it occurred to me it might be nice to frame a couple of my favourite photos taken on a trip to Tasmania 3 years ago (never let it be said I'm one to rush things). After visiting professional framers who quoted me $55 EACH I thought "That's it, I'll do it myself"!!!

It took me a while to find suitable frames and then one day at a Vinnie's 50% off sale I picked up a pair for $4 each. I wish I had taken a "before" shot, they were a nasty orangey-pine colour and displayed nautical themed prints that looked like they had come from a calendar. Perfect!!!

A few coats of paint later (White Knight Quick Dry Gloss Enamel in Medium Grey - $7.95) they were the exact colour I wanted. Now for the matts - I simply used the white card that was backing the nautical prints and with much measuring, cutting and cursing cut holes to fit my photos.

Ta daa!
This little owl, which I picked up for 50 cents at Salvos also got the same treatment. There's plenty of paint left, so some poor unsuspecting pine lamp hiding away in an Op Shop somewhere may be my next victim, watch out!!!