Tuesday, June 29, 2010

This is not a post about pyrex...

...that was a lie ;-)

It's been a while since I've posted about my ever growing pyrex collection so I thought I'd share some more pieces...

These pieces have been bought over a while so I can't remember all the prices, I know the lovely little Butterprint casserole was only $1, one of my favourite pyrex finds as I have been looking for this pattern forever! A lot of the other pieces were $2 - $5 with the set of mixing bowls being the most expensive - an Ebay purchase at $15. All other pieces were bought at Op Shops.

My little collection is but a drop in the ocean, for some serious pyromaniacs visit Erin, Vonlipi or Madge.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

In the Kitchen

I have found some lovely vintage kitchenalia over the past while...

This fab red Persinware scales was $6 in Vinnie's - Made in Australia :-)

Oh how I love all things aqua - this flour sifter was $3 in Vinnie's.

These retro nesting snack containers were $3.

With new Tupperware so expensive I never turn down the vintage stuff - $2 each.

I bought this beautiful colander quite a while ago and can't remember if I already posted about it, I think it was about $5.

These beautiful solid wooden salt and pepper shakers were $2 for the pair, I love their organic look.

Cute vintage kettle - $3.

A glass half-litre wine carafe - $2.

And finally a couple of Liberty anniversary mugs, the photo doesn't do them justice, they are a lovely mint green - 50 cents each.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Commissioner

If I had to liken my 3 boys to a particular creature it would most likely be the monkey, non-stop, active, inquisitive, cute little things! Other times, vultures would be the most apt comparison, at mealtimes for example, where, even though they have already been well-fed, they insist on circling around my seat, snatching the food off my plate, until I have managed to eat only about a third of what I made myself. Then there are times where they are all intent on a task, working together, coming up with ideas where they remind me of 3 wise little owls :-)

With owls on my mind I did an etsy search a while back and came across a store called Rochelle's Little Ones. Full of beautiful handmade jewellery, adorable faux-taxidermy and charming paintings I knew straight away I would love one of her gorgeous acrylic-on-canvas paintings. She has a really cute range of animal paintings, birds, deer, owls, such a beautiful sweet style of painting. Then I saw that she does custom paintings by request. I contacted her straight away and asked if she would be able to create a painting with 3 of her gorgeous little owls on a tree and she responded promptly with a yes, at a fantastic price!!! After a few convos where we discussed colour and style etc she completed the work and here it is...

Isn't it just adorable? Without ever meeting or seeing my boys she has somehow captured them all in this painting - the gorgeous, squashy owl on the left is S, D is in the middle with the "pretty" eyes and the wise green-eyed owl on the right is H.

Rochelle also does some beautiful original screen prints and I ordered this one...

I feel so grown up (at 36) to have commissioned a work of art and am so thrilled with the result it is definitely something I will do again :-)

You can visit Rochelle's store here, she is extremely talented and a real pleasure to deal with.