Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Pretty Utensils

Previous posts have probably alerted you to my Le Creuset and Pyrex obsessions but today I'm going to show you another of my weaknesses... pretty utensils. I just can't pass up a cute spatula or rolling pin when I see one and I believe that if something can be functional AND pretty well then why not ;-)

Here are some of my faves...

First up, my little spatula collection, I know nobody needs this many but they are so practical and look so pretty stashed together. These are a variety from Le Creuset, Cath Kidston, Wheel and Barrow and Target.

I love my Donna Hay duck egg blue silicon utensils, they are perfect for using with enamelled cast iron cookware as they don't scratch the enamel.

Yep, I love rolling pins, what can I say?

The above cream utensils and duck egg blue colander are from Nigella Lawson's enamelled range, they are so pretty :-)

I can stomach boring stainless steel as long as it's got nice blue accents.

This cute little sieve is from Jane Asher's Range and the oven glove is by Donna Hay.

Random baking supplies, even cake skewers can be pretty if you look hard enough :-)

And finally, some new baking supplies, I love baking with my boys and we're going to expand our repertoire to include cake pops and macarons :-)

Anyone else out there have a utensil obsession? I can't be the only one?!?