Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Oh no, not MORE kitchen stuff!

I'm afraid so! Why so many kitchen finds, you may ask. Well mainly because I am obsessed with kitcheny stuff but also because aswell as being fab looking, vintage kitchenalia is still so useful. I use my casseroles, bowls, dishes and utensils on a daily basis, and when they're not in use, they still sit there looking beautiful :-)

Here are a few...

I am in love with these beautiful canisters/jars. They are pretty large so I will either use them for utensils or flour and sugar etc. I love the way the green graduates into the gorgeous turquoise. They cost a total of $8 in Vinnies.

This little set of drawers has already had various uses in my kitchen, storing supplies for topping cupcakes, herbs, spices etc. They cost $2 at a market. I think they are reminiscent of this set which retail at 175 pounds!

I love Nigella Lawson's living kitchen range of products, but they are ridiculously expensive here in Australia, her set of 2 coffee cups and saucers retail at $89 at this store but mine cost $2 at a car boot sale :-)

This set of turquoise melamine cups were $1 at Vinnies, I love the shape and colour and the fact that my boys can play with them without any breakages :-)

Unusually shaped jugs really appeal to me - this one cost $1 at a market.

I paid $2 for this old flour canister at a market - perfect for utensils!

In my experience one can never have too many jars - these were 50 cents each.

And in upcoming posts:

- Stuff I bought that's NOT blue or green (shock!)
- My cookbook obsession
- Bread bin makeover

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


On the way to the beach one day, while my Dad was here, I mentioned a little rummage sale in a nearby church that happens once a month and my Dad said he'd be happy for us to stop off and have a look. This is how lovely my Dad is, he has no interest whatsoever in markets, lives with a serial hoarder (my mum) and is on a constant de-cluttering mission.

BUT he does read my blog and knows that my collecting habits are in control (for now). I am equal parts my Mum (bower bird) and my Dad (de-clutterer / minimalist). I think it's this combination that stops my "stuff" from ever getting out of control. Every few months I feel the "urge to purge" and either donate unwanted/unused items to charity shops or sell them on eBay. I have also curbed my buying in the realisation that I only have so much space for my things and there is absolutely no point in having heaps of vintage stuff tucked away in cupboards, unused and unloved.

Anyway, I digress...

Back to the afore-mentioned rummage sale. My middle munchkin was in tow which meant it had to be a quick dash (why do little boys hate shopping so much?)

I had picked up a couple of little things and thought that was that until I Dad pointed at a box I had missed and said "you like this sort of green pottery don't you?"


Better still, check out the price!

Only $5 for this dusty box full of beautiful celadon glazed pieces from Thailand. My Dad is right, I LOVE this stuff, I have featured some of my collection before on this blog and Dad was obviously paying attention.

They cleaned up beautifully...

Well spotted Dad!!! :-)

Friday, March 9, 2012


Since I last posted on my tiny collection of vintage Pyrex pie plates, I have amassed quite a few more! For all you fellow Pyrex nuts out there, here they are in all their vivid glory (oh and in case you think I'm alone and there AREN'T any other Pyrex nuts out there, head over to the Pyrex Collective, the truth is out there).

And now for the individual photoshoots...

You might be forgiven for thinking my collection is complete. But oh no, because I WILL NOT REST until I have a turquoise Pyrex pie plate. I have never actually seen one in real life but know they exist because of this post.

It will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine ;-)