Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Oh no, not MORE kitchen stuff!

I'm afraid so! Why so many kitchen finds, you may ask. Well mainly because I am obsessed with kitcheny stuff but also because aswell as being fab looking, vintage kitchenalia is still so useful. I use my casseroles, bowls, dishes and utensils on a daily basis, and when they're not in use, they still sit there looking beautiful :-)

Here are a few...

I am in love with these beautiful canisters/jars. They are pretty large so I will either use them for utensils or flour and sugar etc. I love the way the green graduates into the gorgeous turquoise. They cost a total of $8 in Vinnies.

This little set of drawers has already had various uses in my kitchen, storing supplies for topping cupcakes, herbs, spices etc. They cost $2 at a market. I think they are reminiscent of this set which retail at 175 pounds!

I love Nigella Lawson's living kitchen range of products, but they are ridiculously expensive here in Australia, her set of 2 coffee cups and saucers retail at $89 at this store but mine cost $2 at a car boot sale :-)

This set of turquoise melamine cups were $1 at Vinnies, I love the shape and colour and the fact that my boys can play with them without any breakages :-)

Unusually shaped jugs really appeal to me - this one cost $1 at a market.

I paid $2 for this old flour canister at a market - perfect for utensils!

In my experience one can never have too many jars - these were 50 cents each.

And in upcoming posts:

- Stuff I bought that's NOT blue or green (shock!)
- My cookbook obsession
- Bread bin makeover


Meg said...

WOW!!!! Nigella Lawson ware...good score

SixBalloons said...

I love those little clear drawers, and they are turquoise to boot!

kurrabikid said...

The little drawers! And the melamine cups! Oh you do have a good eye...!

jade holi said...

wow! totally in love with the pottery.... and the rest. what a happy thrifting day.

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

I'm obsessed with kitchenalia too. Love the blue and green pottery. Such a stunning combo. I agree with your sentiment that you can never have enough jars, unfortunately, my partner doesn't and complains bitterly about the jars that are taking over our kitchen. Tsk tsk. What a silly billy.

The Thrifty Picker - Rachael said...

I too am a sucker for anything vintage kitchen. But, it must be functional, like Pyrex! That set of turquoise canisters is amazing.

Jenny said...

Love those little drawers with the scoops! Fun finds!

Fiona said...

Hi Alice, just wanted to tell you that I use your page as my home page for blogs. Love your selection of faves. I live in a small town where the thrifting is ordinary so love to see your finds.I have 3 kids too and one of them is called Alice. So, regards from country WA and keep up the beautiful blog.

busanalayali said...

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Hello Vintage said...

I love the little drawers...actually I love all your finds there. Amazing prices too.