Thursday, October 20, 2011


Look what I bought on eBay :-)

My saved search for Villeroy and Boch Acapulco threw up these beauties a couple of weeks ago. Seeing what I thought was a start price of $35 I put them on my watched list. Then I realised it was a "Buy it Now" price! You have never seen somebody click a link so fast! Yes, this is more than I generally would pay for a couple of pots, but as I've mentioned before I am totally in love with this design and they usually sell for a LOT more than that!

I have a love/hate relationship with eBay, I love being able to sell on bits and pieces I wouldn't keep myself to fund purchases like this, but hate the constant last-minute outbidding that always seems to happen! It's the way it works, I know, and I love when that last minute bidding pushes up the prices of items I sell, but not those I want to buy.

I'm such a hypocrite ;-)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Acres and acres...

It's a good thing I am GOING TO HAVE acres of open shelving in my dream kitchen some day because with the amount of kitchenware I'm amassing I will need them!

Here are a few more bits and pieces I've picked up along the way...

Beautiful clay spoons for canap├ęs or hors d'oeuvres - 50 cents each.

A lovely robin-egg blue bowl - $5.

I found the beautiful large green bowl and very similar smaller one on the same day in totally different op shops - $5 for the larger one and $2 for the small...

Together they make a lovely chip 'n' dip set :-)

I know, more blue! I can't help it, this cute little set was $3.

This solid granite mortar and pestle was a steal at $3. I know I already have a black granite mortar and pestle but this one is a completely different shape so that's OK ;-)

And finally, this lovely rustic wooden bread board - 50 cents!

Yes, I'm going to need acres and acres and acres....

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Curb My Enthusiasm

Well you knew you couldn't get away for much longer without a Pyrex post! Bear with me, its only my second of the year!

What's happened? Well, I've had to curb my habit a wee bit, it's very tempting to buy so much of it when it's in great condition, so useful and so cheap! But my poor cupboards were groaning under the weight of it all so I'm now only buying pieces I am ABSOLUTELY in love with!

Here are my latest finds...

My first ever piece complete with its cradle! Now you know I'm more of a blue girl rather than pink, but I have the exact same dish in turquoise so I'm going to swap them over :-)

This piece is darker than most of my others, but there's something about it I love. I've never seen this design before, any Pyrex experts out there know anything about it?

A cute bowl with blue swirls, I already have the same design with red swirls :-)

A couple of fluted pie dishes to add to my tiny collection.

I'm still kicking myself for not buying a lovely purple pie dish I saw in Vinnie's a couple of months ago just because there was a big queue and I was dashing to catch the bus.

The bus was late :-(