Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Blues, greens and a little white

I don't think anybody's going to be too shocked to learn that my favourite colour is blue, followed closely by green. I also love subdued greys and whites. Here are some favourite finds from the last while in these lovely colours :-)

The colour and shape of this jug are absolute perfection, $1 at a Church Op Shop.

These lovely green casseroles were a couple of dollars each in Vinnies.

I've wanted a cook's measure for ages and was holding out for one in blue or green, I'm delighted to have picked this one up for $4 in Salvos.

I love the organic blobby shape of this salt crock - 50 cents in Vinnies.

These adorable pale green ceramic little mice are for holding cocktail sticks, cute! - $1.50 each in Salvos.

Beautiful duck-egg blue cups and saucers found in Salvos for $2 a set. There's a surprise...

... a heart on the inside :-)

A lovely little leaf design dish - think I paid $1 for this.

I think these are Sake cups - 50 cents each.

More Sake cups? - $1 each.

Lovely bendy vase - $3 in Vinnies.

A nice ceramic container for my bamboo utensils - 50 cents at a Church Op Shop.

A teeny pot - 50 cents.

A pair of gorgeous organic-shaped Alex Liddy milk jugs $2 each in Vinnies.

And finally a cute little pottery bowl - 50 cents at a market.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Nine years ago today, on Midsummer's Day, I married my man. It was a wonderful day, celebrated with close friends and family. By no means a whirlwind wedding, we'd already been together 8 years, we both knew we had found our soulmate.

I love this man, he's a wonderful, fun, caring and affectionate Dad to our 3 little men and works hard for us all, which allows me to be a stay at home Mum to our munchkins, something we both feel strongly about.

We are very different people but feel exactly the same about the things that matter.

I'm so glad that all those years ago, the guy reading Margaret Thatcher's memoirs, the man with the bright blue eyes, gorgeous arms and opinions on everything was the one who stood out and stole my heart :)

Friday, June 10, 2011

So childish!

I LOVE finding cute vintage children's toys and decor for my boys, things just seemed so much more well made in the past. Some of our most enduring toys are ones I have found at markets - when the batteries have worn out on their flashing, beeping and squawking new toys, the boys keep going back to the lovely old wooden cars, trucks and puzzles that never lose their charm.

I have featured lots of my kiddy finds in the past, here are some newer ones (forgive me if I have posted some of these before, I am getting forgetful in my twilight years ;-)

This beautiful wooden toy piano is a big hit with my littlest man - it cost $3 at a market, about the price of a pack of Paracetemol (I need them after listening to him hammering away on it all morning).

This wooden "mouse" is beautifully crafted, when it's not being played with it just sits there looking lovely on the toy shelf :-)

A complete Ravensburger Fairground puzzle, made in 1973, the same year I was born. See? I told you I'm in my twilight years!

A pair of wooden wobbly headed Korean dolls, I know there's a name for these but can't remember it.

Bambi was one of my favourite movies as a child, I was delighted to pick up this vintage edition of the story.

Board games are always popular with my eldest son...

...but it's my middle munchkin who's the biggest fan of these giant chunky dice as you can see.

A little man can never have too many cases to put his things "fings" in.

Another charming little vintage child's chair to add to our collection...

...Hoot likes to hang out here.

A cowboy lampshade, Babar height chart and globe add more vintage charm to our playroom.

Cute blue cars!

How cute are these dinosaur fairy lights? I will never forget the smile on my S's face when he saw them lit up for the first time :-)

I plan on doing something crafty with this cowboy fabric, at the rate I complete craft projects perhaps something for my grandchildren?

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Hello everyone, just popping in to say, yes I know I have been an abysmal blogger the last couple of months, it's been a VERY busy time but hopefully all will settle down in the next few weeks and normal blogging will resume, look forward to catching up and sharing some lovely finds with you :-)