Friday, June 10, 2011

So childish!

I LOVE finding cute vintage children's toys and decor for my boys, things just seemed so much more well made in the past. Some of our most enduring toys are ones I have found at markets - when the batteries have worn out on their flashing, beeping and squawking new toys, the boys keep going back to the lovely old wooden cars, trucks and puzzles that never lose their charm.

I have featured lots of my kiddy finds in the past, here are some newer ones (forgive me if I have posted some of these before, I am getting forgetful in my twilight years ;-)

This beautiful wooden toy piano is a big hit with my littlest man - it cost $3 at a market, about the price of a pack of Paracetemol (I need them after listening to him hammering away on it all morning).

This wooden "mouse" is beautifully crafted, when it's not being played with it just sits there looking lovely on the toy shelf :-)

A complete Ravensburger Fairground puzzle, made in 1973, the same year I was born. See? I told you I'm in my twilight years!

A pair of wooden wobbly headed Korean dolls, I know there's a name for these but can't remember it.

Bambi was one of my favourite movies as a child, I was delighted to pick up this vintage edition of the story.

Board games are always popular with my eldest son...

...but it's my middle munchkin who's the biggest fan of these giant chunky dice as you can see.

A little man can never have too many cases to put his things "fings" in.

Another charming little vintage child's chair to add to our collection...

...Hoot likes to hang out here.

A cowboy lampshade, Babar height chart and globe add more vintage charm to our playroom.

Cute blue cars!

How cute are these dinosaur fairy lights? I will never forget the smile on my S's face when he saw them lit up for the first time :-)

I plan on doing something crafty with this cowboy fabric, at the rate I complete craft projects perhaps something for my grandchildren?


Erica Louise said...

Wow, I adore your vintage children finds, all of them.

Nelly said...

I love dice have a collection of them in a jar so I LOVE those giant ones wow I shall be in look out for my own now.

Kylie said...

if you're in your twilight years I am definetely in mine! Boo!
I love that chair and the cowboy lampshade too x

Leah said...

Fun finds! I think the wooden mouse may be a massage roller. Have your little guys roll it down your back when you are tired. Also, love the cowboy fabric. I made my boys bluejean cowboy vests once and lined them with a similar fabric. They were a popular dress-up item. Holding on to them for grandkids some day. :)

Jackie said...

Oh these are so cute. I want to play with them!

kurrabikid said...

Oh wow, once again I marvel at your amazing eye. Lucky little lads! - signed a fellow '73 'Twilighter'!!

Fiona said...

Glad you are back and aren't your kids lucky. Make the most of it because mine are now 14, 13 and 8. The older ones don't appreciate second hand stuff any more.

Minnie said...

Ooh, I do love all your wonderful kid finds, especially that chair. the Babar chart (I actually gasped when I saw that) and the dinosaur lights. I am equally enthusiastic for vintage kid things because I, too, find them better made and better-looking than most things at toy stores these days. I always get so excited whenever I see any vintage toys for my kids while thrifting. Fiona's comment struck a chord with me because I have been wondering how long my kids will continue to enjoy thrifting with me and the "second-hand stuff." I guess I won't worry about it until the time comes.

Van said...

Love these finds- in love with that carrying case. And I want that edition of Bambi, too! Is that the original Italian translated one before the Disney version made it famous? Would love to read it, I've never encountered it.

I've not kids, but I pick up cool looking kid stuff whenever I find it. Not planning kids either, I'm just a big kid! :)