Thursday, August 25, 2011

Those Clever People...

Calling all Aussies! Have you seen the new Ikea ad???

Can you see me???

I'm the one in the pale green jumper and jeans behind the guy who runs into the fence!

I had better explain how I found myself running through fields and housing estates, screaming and holding a blue kiddies chair over my head :-)

A couple of months ago I got an email from Ikea which they sent to members of Ikea Family (their loyalty card scheme). It asked if I would like to be in their next ad (Would I???) and if so, to email my details and a photo back to them. I didn't expect to hear anything back but a few weeks later I got a message to say I was one of the lucky ones who had been chosen :-)

It was a really fun morning (apart from the 6am start and freezing cold), we were given a lovely brekkie, met a lot of fun people and got an Ikea gift card for our "hard work".

I love the result, I think it's a really funny ad (so do my boys) and was very excited to be able to see myself in the final cut, even if it is only from behind, I'm really enjoying my 0.015 seconds of fame!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hanging Around

I am constantly moving things around in my kitchen, depending on my mood or the season I have different things on display all the time. This can lead to some lovely things ending up in piles while new favourites take their place on my limited shelf space.

I thought this little pile of pots deserved better than to be left in a heap like this...

So they now have a lovely new home thanks to a recent eBay find...

I spotted one of these on a website a good while back and couldn't find one here in Australia for ages, eventually I saw a couple on eBay but they went for a LOT so I decided to spread my wings and have a look overseas. I was very fortunate to be the only bidder on an eBay UK auction (Le Creuset is a lot more common and less ridiculously priced over there) and won this fab Le Creuset chrome pot stand.

It has space for 4 pots/pans, 3 lids and a casserole, perfect!

I have kept my collection of cast iron cookware to reds/oranges, aqua and cream, they just look so gorgeous together.

Now they are within easy reach for regular use instead of hiding away in a dark cupboard :-)

My tip for Aussies looking to find items like this that are rare here? Go directly to the UK, USA and France eBay sites, do your search, if you find what you're looking for contact the seller and ask them if they would be willing to post to Australia. Often the answer is yes, and even taking in postage costs you can end up saving a lot! I bought this for 7 pounds sterling / about $11 plus $20 postage whereas they were selling for over 60 dollars here plus postage :-)

Monday, August 8, 2011

Fancy a fry?

My husband thinks I have enough frying pans...

Copper pans - $3 each in Vinnie's.

Corning Ware pan - $4 in Salvos.

Little Le Creuset omelette pan - $20 on eBay.

Massive Descoware cast iron pan - $3 at a garage sale.

Large Le Creuset skillet - $20 in Vinnie's.

Small Le Creuset skillet - bought new in Ireland.

Maybe he has a point...