Thursday, March 10, 2016

The weekend

Don't you just love a great weekend? Last weekend was one of those :-) We woke up to snow on Friday morning, there was MASSIVE excitement and screeching and that was just me! Needless to say the boys were itching to get out into it the very second they saw it. There was just a thin layer but enough to make everything white and for the boys to play out in for half an hour scraping together some snowballs before going to school, it was so lovely watching them play with the snowflakes falling down on their happy little faces.

It melted pretty quickly and even by the time we got to school the daffodils had shaken most of the snow off.

On Friday evening, my wonderful Dad came over to mind the boys and my hubby and I headed into town, first to Davy Byrne's for a few drinks and dinner and then to the long awaited Adele concert!

I absolutely love Adele, her voice is amazing, all of her songs are just fantastic and she just seems like such a nice, funny, down-to-earth person. So I had hugely built this concert up in my mind in the months leading up to it, expecting it to be ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!!!

AND she did not disappoint! She was absolutely fantastic, her songs had everyone captivated and her chat in between songs was just so funny she had us all in bits laughing. It was a fantastic night and definitely worth the wait!!

We had a lazy day on Saturday, soccer matches cancelled due to weather (yaaay!!)

Then Sunday was mothers day and I had the loveliest day. I was given gorgeous handmade cards and treats and a yummy breakfast in bed with daffodils from the garden :-) My eldest son made the gorgeous meringue cakes below for an afternoon treat and we went to our local Italian restaurant for dinner. I was absolutely spoilt by all my lovely fellas and feel very, very lucky :-)

Now I just need to work off all the calories ;-)