Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Little Kitchen

Out of nowhere today I got a major cleaning bug and gave my kitchen a massive cleanup. It looked so shiny and tidy (for once) that I thought it would be a shame not to do a little photoshoot and share it.

So here's where I spend a LOT of my time in the house, cooking, fetching, preparing and washing up after my 3 hungry little horses...

As you can see the cabinetry and worktops are pretty dated but we're renting so there's not much I can do about that. At least they're white though so they provide a nice blank canvas for all my vintage "stuff".

My fab toaster, along with salt & pepper shakers from Freedom and adorable egg cups from Target.

A collection of enameled items, all vintage except for the olive green Jamie Oliver tegame.

Two thrifted glass jars, a Nigella Lawson cookie jar and "Retro Kitchen" cocktail shaker. The gorgeous tray behind them was a gift from my middle munchkin :-)

On the window sill - Matryoshka measuring cups - a gift from a lovely friend, vintage Melmac sugar bowl and milk jug, a Pontessa jar and a spoon rest.

I love all the shades of blue and green hidden away inside this tall cupboard...

On the top shelf are various thrifted jugs, mugs etc. Underneath are little bowls from Victoria's Basement, a Laura Ashley 2-tier cake stand, a large jug from Freedom and a thrifted vase.

Next shelf down has an assortment of bowls by Jamie Oliver, Victoria's Basement and Target and a little thrifted jar. Underneath is a white Alex Liddy jar, all other items on that shelf are from Vinnie's!

Next down is a lovely vintage cast iron enameled casserole, another Alex Liddy jug and a duck egg blue storage jar. Underneath are some plates and bowls from Victoria's Basement.

The pride and joy of my kitchen - My Kitchenaid mixer, on top of a trolley from Freedom. Behind it is the notice board I made from the coffee sack I got at a market.

On the shelves of the trolley are various bits and pieces, the Union Jack tray I got at a market, the Le Creuset mini-cocottes my little sis got me for my birthday, my aqua Le Creuset grill pan, a citrus press I bought in Ireland, some teapots I got at Vinnie's and some cute enamel tin bowls and tumblers I bought at a lovely little homewares store in Palm Beach.

Beside the trolley is the fridge, on the front of it I have the closest thing I'll have to a gallery wall in a rental where I can't add any screws or nails into the walls.

The side of the fridge is overloaded with works of art by my little rascals :-)

On top of this cupboard is my little collection of scales and the lovely goblets I got in Vinnie's a couple of years ago.

A girl can never have too many utensils!

Yes, I do have a thing for duck-egg blue, even my dustpan and brush are that colour!

On top of the pantry is my little pottery collection along with a couple of colanders and my favourite find - the Raymond Loewy designed Le Creuset cocotte.

I even tidied inside the pantry!

More tidy cupboards!

One of my favourite things about this kitchen is the stable-style door which leads out onto a covered deck with the most beautiful views of a nature reserve.

Needless to say, whilst I had this cleaning frenzy my boys were busy messing up the rest of the house so I'm off to sort that out!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Vintage Stores of Sydney

Whenever I see a beautiful vintage or retro item featured in a home or stylist's shoot in one of the 2 interiors magazines I subscribe to, it is usually from one of the following stores - Vampt Vintage Design, Ici et La, David Met Nicole or Doug Up on Bourke.

For a while now I have been dying to visit some of these stores and have a wander through all the vintage loveliness and finally last Saturday I got the chance!

First stop was Vampt Vintage Design...

Located at 486-490 Elizabeth Street in Surry Hills, this store is a stunning showroom full of high-end designer retro pieces - credenzas, lamps, sofas, everything the mid-century enthusiast could wish for. Their prices are pretty steep but they do have every piece beautifully refurbished and polished, they are definitely catering to the buyer who knows what they want, has the money to buy it and is not interested in the hunt and thrill of getting it for a low-low price that I love. I have no problem with these stores charging these prices, these are the antiques of the future, all their pieces are in top-notch condition and to be honest, if people are willing to pay a premium then why not charge it?

I WANT that lamp!!!

Those green upholstered chairs...

And that orange lamp too please.

Moving on to the next store - David Met Nicole, a small charming vintage store located at 382 Cleveland Street, Surry Hills.

This gorgeous space is chock-a-block with beautiful vintage items. The prices again are aimed at people who prefer to get what they want pronto and pay the premium for somebody else to do the hunting, not crazy prices though.

Those light bulbs can go straight on to my shopping list...

A girl can never have too many globes, right?

I have a real thing for vintage educational charts and maps, what a collection!

Printers blocks galore!

Industrial letters...

Fab suitcases...

Pendant lights...

These rubber stamps would make a gorgeous feature on the desk I still haven't found for my hubbie...

I'm not a fan of taxidermy as decor but love these numbers...

OK, next stop, Ici et La...

Located at 7 Nickson Street, Surry Hills, this is a gorgeous rustic Aladdin's Cave of beautiful vintage items with a French twist.

How fab would those doors look in my dream house?

Again with the lamp love...

My favourite corner of the store was this gorgeous, old-fashioned fabric department, lovely! Again, prices similar to other vintage stores, you pay them to do the hunting and you reap the rewards. And, why not?

Are you tired yet? I was at this stage, I had done a LOT of walking and nearly considered giving my last destination a miss. I am SO glad I didn't...

Doug Up On Bourke located at 901 Bourke Street, Waterloo is an emporium of retro and industrial delights. It is HUGE and I literally felt like I'd died and gone to vintage heaven when I walked up the stairs and saw what awaited me!

I know!!! I think the pictures say it all! I wandered for AGES in here, the focus here is on industrial vintage items, there's rust, dust 'n' grit, it is FABULOUS! If you have been dreaming of an antique set of plan drawers (I know I have) this is the place to come. The prices aren't crazy either, the furniture is above what I would pay as I prefer to hunt these things down at markets / Op Shops myself but the smaller decor pieces are within range. Gorgeous blue vintage oars were on sale for $45 each, typewriters for $70, shoe lasts for $15 each and so on...

OK, so what did I buy? Well, nothing. This was just a relaxing, window shopping sort of day for me. I'm still thinking about those oars though...