Friday, April 1, 2011

Pretty in Pink

I'm long overdue for my first pyrex post of 2011 so here goes!!!

I'm not usually a pink kind of girl but there is something so pretty about pink pyrex, I have only ever found one other pink piece (my Gooseberry cinderella bowl), so I was delighted to find these 2 pieces in the space of a couple of weeks, $3 each.

I don't think it's a secret that aqua is one of my favourite colours - love this casserole - $4!

Finally!!! A black Gaiety piece - this has been on my wishlist for ages - $4!

A fab Horizon divided dish - $7.50 on eBay, it was in the next suburb so I was able to pick up :-)

And this cute yellow casserole - $2.

Such colourful gorgeousness - don't forget to visit The Pyrex Collective for more Pyrex madness!


Flotsam Friends said...

Oh those pinks and the first aqua!!! They so don't do those colours that well anymore. Adorable finds. Have a lovely weekend. It's such a beautiful day isn't it. Really feel the change in the season. Pruxxx

Passionate Thrifter said...

Ok, I'm new to this whole scene. What is it about Pyrex that everyone is collecting it? Is it really valuable or something????

Super Sarah said...

Ooh, the pink one at the top, I LOVE! Gorgeous. Now tell me, where DO you store all this lovely pyrex?!?

Emma said...

Love, love, love the black gaiety! And the aqua and the pink, oh love it all! x

mel @ loved said...

Oh my goodness, lucky you!! They are all so beautiful!