Friday, May 31, 2013

My type...

At our local bi-annual flea market last Saturday, I happened upon yet another typewriter I couldn't resist. Even though I thought I'd broken the habit, done a clearout and vowed not to buy anymore, how could I resist this beauty?

A "Brother Deluxe" in the most delicious duck egg blue colour with beautiful art deco logo and font, sigh...

When I asked the seller how much she wanted for it she replied "$30", inwardly I was saying "yes!!!" but stood there thinking about having to carry it on into the city where I was going to meet friends...

The seller saw me hesitating and said "I'll take $20"! Deal done! Yes I did have to haul it on into the city on the train where I was going for a girls' weekend but I went straight to the hotel we were staying at and left my bags there, so no worries!

Thought I may as well recap on my little collection (much smaller than it used to be thanks to eBay :-)

Olivetti Studio 44.

Imperial 200.

Olivetti Lettera 32.

Hmm, I guess when it comes to vintage typewriters I definitely have a type :-)

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Cane and Able

Last year, when we were still living in our previous house, I spotted a neighbour putting out some weathered old cane chairs for council cleanup. 

I wandered over to chat and saw that even though they needed a lot of TLC they had a really beautiful design and I would be able to make them look fab with some work! So with my neighbour's help I hauled them back to our front verandah...

...where they remained for several months in their unloved condition. Then we moved house and refurbishing chairs was the last thing on my mind in the midst of a busy move. But finally, last month after pondering whether to stain or paint them and much time spent stalking the internet to find the perfect large cushions to fit the seats I finally gave them a makeover!


I decided on a dark stain and gloss and am so happy with the result! The large cushions on the base are Scythia floor cushions by Kas Australia. The other cushions are temporary until I find some I love.

I have put the chairs in a lovely little sunroom area beside our kitchen, it looks out on the front deck and gets beautiful light during the day. It's a great spot to curl up in front of the wood stove or to watch the boys while they're playing out on the deck.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Even in a house full of boys...

... a girl's still entitled to a little pink, right?

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Sorry, I couldn't resist...