Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Retro Pyrex comes in all shapes and sizes but my absolute favourite shape is the "Cinderella" bowl, these are beautiful round bowls with a large lip on one side for holding and a smaller one on the other side for pouring. They are really practical as well as being gorgeous, here's my little collection...

And for anyone else out there who loves a gratuitous "stack of pyrex" photo as much as I do, may I present...

The Leaning Tower of Pyrex!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Le Creuset - Old & New

I have made a few additions to my collection of Le Creuset cookware recently. First I'll share my gorgeous new giant casserole!

I absolutely love this Caribbean / Teal colour and have wanted a HUGE casserole for ages for my bulk cooking of dishes such as cottage pie, meatballs, fish bake etc. This is the 28cm casserole which costs $579 in stores such as David Jones. I got mine from UK Amazon for $175, had it shipped to Ireland for free and my lovely Dad brought it over for me on his last visit. Thanks Dad! You saved me $400 :-)

Now for my cheapest Le Creuset find ever! I got this 20cm pot in a Church rummage sale about a month ago, it was marked $2! Look at the lid...

When the lovely old lady behind the counter saw it she said "hang on, there's a chip in it, I'll give it you for one dollar"! I nearly cracked up, this little crack does not affect the function of this pot at all, I actually already have a couple in this colour (posted about here), one the same size as this with a different style lid, but these pots are so fab for cooking soups and making sauces I could never have too many :-)

At the same rummage sale I picked up this lovely 20cm gratin dish for $3! I have 2 round ones in the same style that I use all the time, love them!

And finally, at another flea market a few weeks ago I bought this Le Creuset skillet for $3. It was in HORRIBLE condition, the whole outside was caked in black baked on crap but I knew a good soak and some elbow grease with wire wool and it would clean up a treat :-)

The inside still needs a bit more work but for $3 I'm not complaining!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Let them eat cake

To be honest cakes never last very long in our house, but I still like to display them prettily for those few minutes before they are devoured by my 3 little horses (and myself).

I have built up a little collection of cake domes and stands, some new, some old...

This lovely 2 tiered cake stand is by Laura Ashley, it took a lot of perseverance to get my hands on one of these after seeing them online in the UK store who unfortunately don't deliver to Australia, they weren't available in Laura Ashley Australia stores who charge about 4 times the amount for their products as the UK stores anyway. Luckily I finally found a UK eBayer who sells brand new Laura Ashley homewares and was willing to ship to Australia. Hurray!

These vintage glass cake plates with domes cost a few dollars each in Vinnies.

Vintage glass cake stands in small, medium and large...

You can't have too many cake stands can you?

This glass dome cost $2 at a market.

It looks great teamed with this cake stand...

Or this pretty vintage cake plate.

And lastly, a simple white cake stand from David Jones :-)

That's all folks.

Now if you'll excuse me, there's a vanilla slice awaiting me, better wolf it down quickly before school pickup!