Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cutting it fine

On Saturday morning I sacrificed my weekly sleep-in to go to a carboot market without the munchkins in tow. There weren't as many stalls as usual, probably due to the heat, so I was surprised at the fab things I found! I spent a total of $30.50, for that I got 3 wooden storage boxes perfect for my art supplies, a BIG bag of Thomas compatible tracks including tunnels a bridge and hill (anyone with boys will know that for $4 that was a great find) and the other lovely items below:

This gorgeous vintage paper cutter/guillotine was $10. It is in perfect working order and will be perfect for cutting down photos, craft projects etc.

I LOVE this old pencil sharpener, it's a vintage classroom style that can be screwed down onto the desk or a wall, "just like teacher used to have". $5!!!

MORE wooden document trays, these ones are great, they're much bigger than A4 so perfect for keeping magazine cutouts etc. $2 each.

These hammered metal napkin rings will look great on a table setting with my lovely vintage silverware and goblets and the tea strainer is cute too - $2 for the lot!

And lastly a cute storage jar for $1, they had a box full of these but unfortunately with all my other buys I could only carry one.


Missa said...

I don't know what it is about vintage office supplies but I love them! Nice finds :)

Sonya said...

LOVE the office supplies. That paper cutter is awesome as is the pencil sharpener. Good finds all around!