Thursday, February 19, 2009

The wood stuff

I LOVE things made of wood, especially items with lots of gnarls and swirls, some of my favourites are:

This gorgeous bud vase, perfect for putting the flowers my eldest munchkin picks for me when we go for walks :-)  $5 in Vinnie's

I love the 70s look of this footed wooden bowl made up of strips of different New Zealand timbers, bought on eBay.

These Mulga bookends are another eBay purchase. 

And yet another little wooden bud vase, $3 in Salvos.


Missa said...

That first bud vase is so gorgeous! My brother-in-law turns wood and makes all kinds of great things like this. We have a bowl that he made for us that I really love.

Home Girl said...

Ohhh yes they are all gorgeous but that first vase is really special. i love wood stuff too - something to do with nostalgia for my 70's childhood and a mordern concern with the environment - wanting to return to natural objects that last.

grunge-queen said...

Love the bowl - have never seen anything like it - the shape, those stripes ... amazing!