Thursday, May 21, 2015

Fair City Finds

I have to admit that the charity shops here in Dublin's Fair City are not as good for homewares and kitchenware as the stores in Australia. The thrift shops here are geared more towards clothing and books and usually only have tiny bric-a-brac sections but I have still managed to find some nice things :-)

I love this pretty pair of teacups, Made in England, and plan on turning them into teacup candles for my summer table. They were €1 each.

This cute little rooster crock cost €2 and I use it to store wooden spoons.

This pair of Arcopal France teacups cost 50 cents each. I had no reason whatsoever to buy them apart from the fact that they're so pretty!

Yes I know, MORE duck-egg blue! This gorgeous Carrigaline Pottery bowl cost 50 cents.

This set of teacups and milk jug are by Johnson Bros and cost €4 in total. I absolutely love the retro pattern and am hoping to find more pieces.

This set of 6 soup cups and saucers cost €5, the brand is Tams, made by Staffordshire.

A red JAJ Pyrex Cinderella bowl for €1! This is part of the 3 piece Carnival bowl set, I have the blue bowl from the set too so am only missing the yellow.

I found this gorgeous floral platter in a vintage store in the gorgeous lakeside town of Carlingford. We had a lovely family day out there recently and I am dying to go back.

I stumbled upon a vintage store in the city on my way to an appointment last week, this pretty plate had to come home with me of course, it cost €3.

I may or may not have "found" this Denby Arabesque coffee pot on top of my mum's kitchen cupboard and nagged her until she let me have it :-)

And finally, a Nigella Lawson storage jar in cream, I already have these in blue and pink so now I have a set :-)

I have heard rumours that the best places to go for vintage kitchenware etc in Ireland are carboot markets and parish fetes, unfortunately these usually take place on Saturday mornings when we are busy with kids' activities and family gatherings but hopefully some day soon...


sandra gilbert said...

You have been busy i think those tea cups will look great with candles in :)

Meg said...

I love every piece you found and I really adore the platter xxx

Daphne Bryson said...

Good Morning Alice, Well you certainly took me back in time.
Firstly the Arabesque coffee pot... I owned one when I first married in 1970. At the time Arabesque was very unique and very expensive. I could not afford to buy the whole set so I bought 1 piece a month and I adored it. You can imagine how long it took to buy the whole set.
Secondly, the soup dishes.... I had exactly the same set.... I loved the fact that they had little handles.... we thought they were so modern.
It is lovely to see you are enjoying so many pre-loved items.
Finding vintage things in charity shops tend to be very hit and miss, I can visit for weeks and not find anything, and then find two or three items in one go. For me it is the anticipation of what I might find which I love the most.
Best wishes

Thrifted Treasure said...

Thanks Sandra :-) I have lots of pretty plans for my summer entertaining, now all I need is some sunshine!

Thrifted Treasure said...

Thanks Meg, your gorgeous bowls would go great with it ;-)

Thrifted Treasure said...

Thanks for your lovely comment Daphne, I love when vintage finds bring back nostalgic memories :-) did you see Denby's new range with a very similar pattern to Arabesque but with greens and yellows? Very cute!