Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Tapas with the folks :-)

One of my absolute favourite things about living back in Ireland is being able to see my parents whenever!! After 14 months back it's still a novelty being able to phone them and say "Call over for lunch"!! I love cooking for my parents, they love food as much as I do and I love getting their positive feedback on my dishes (something you don't get so much from kids eh?).

Yesterday I decided to do Tapas. I really love all these delicious little dishes and decided to try to recreate (without any recipes) some of my favourites.

Here's what I made...

Garlic and spinach prawns and scallops with black pudding in a garlic butter sauce.

"Patatas Bravas" and chorizo with char-grilled peppers in a spicy onion and tomato sauce.

Mushrooms and onions in a garlic and flour coating and a little dish of mixed olives and peppers (the stuffed peppers were from Aldi).

Serrano ham and lovely cheese and onion bread (from Supervalu)

Everything looked so lovely and colourful laid out on the table and I was really happy with how everything tasted.

I served all the tapas up in these cute dishes I got at TK Maxx.

It's a real treat to do a bit of cooking like this while the boys are at school, it gives me a chance to have a few hours to sit and really chat with my parents before I collect the boys who love coming home to find their Nana and Grandad there :-)

I'm hoping to try and make churros for dessert next time, this time there were cream cakes :-)


tara mcdonnell said...

Your Dad is always telling my Mum what a great cook you are.

You should start a foodie blog !


Thrifted Treasure said...

Thanks Tara :-) I love foodie blogs but sadly lack the patience and skill to do my own, when I see food I want to eat it not style and photograph it!!! Have you thought about starting your own blog up again?

tara mcdonnell said...

Ha !

Sure I've NOTHING to blog about :D


Vanessa said...

Now come here and cook for us, we're so hungry ! haha :)