Monday, September 7, 2015

No Food Stylist

As you can see I am no food photographer/stylist. The instant I am served or have cooked a meal I just want to eat it. If something looks particularly nice I may occasionally (twice I think, one being the chowder in my previous post) take a snap with my phone but other than that when I have food in front of me I get stuck straight in!

The same can be said for my presentation skills, when my meals are ready I just like to heap them onto a plate and get going, case in point - this risotto...

I made this last week and if I do say so myself it was DELICIOUS! Really earthy and intense and mushroomy, exactly what I wanted. I had eaten the most amazing risotto ever one evening on our trip to Paris and had been having cravings ever since. I looked up lots of tips on how to get it just right and using dried porcini mushrooms in hot water, homemade stock from a soup I had made the day before, heaps of fresh mushrooms fried in truffle oil and some good Arborio rice, I got it just right!

So it may not be beautiful but it tasted pretty damn good and I just thought I'd share :-)

Don't worry I won't be sharing too many of my repulsive looking food photographs here in the future, I'll just continue to swoon over other people's work on all the foodie sites I love :-)


Maison Jen said...

Sounds absolutely delicious. I had a gorgeous seafood risotto recently in Dunne & Crescenzi recommended by Emma - divine!

Thrifted Treasure said...

Thanks :-) I'm loving risotto at the moment, had a gorgeous prawn and sambucca risotto at Trocadero last week, was so delicious! I'm going to see Emma in the next couple of weeks and will give her those books then, also have a couple of French interiors mags I got in Paris I'll pass on too, sorry meant to get them to you ages ago!