Saturday, September 5, 2015

Goodbye Summer

My boys went back to school last week after an 8 week summer holiday. I'm always sad when the holidays end, they're such carefree times, no routine, freedom to do whatever we like, lazy mornings and fun outings. We did a lot this Summer, as well as our holiday in France, we spent 10 great days at my parents' house near the beach, took day trips to other counties such as Co. Down and Galway (still can't believe Galway is now only a 2 hour drive from Dublin on the motorway!), had fun at parks, playgrounds and beaches when the weather was good, did indoor stuff like museums, cinemas, bowling, play centres etc when it was raining, saw lots of our family, ate out, played, and generally had a lot of fun.

It all sounds so idyllic doesn't it? Well, keeping it real, there were mental days too of course, with the boys bickering and wrestling (I grew up with 2 sisters, boys are crazy!) and I must admit to enjoying a little bit of quiet in the house (even though I missed them) once they were settled back at school. It's amazing how quickly 8 weeks can pass when the days are full of the mischief and energy of 3 little boys.

I won't bore you with a million photos, I don't have the energy to go through them all even but here are a few little snaps from my phone...

S inspecting the displays at the Natural History Museum.

We love Malahide Castle, a great spot for a day out with kids, beautiful grounds, great playground and delicious food at the Avoca Café.

Buying ice-cream from the van at Bettystown Beach is one of my favourite childhood memories, now my boys do the same :-)

Making the most of the sunshine, the boys spent hours in the sea that day.

Really delicious seafood chowder at Nan's Café in Laytown.

Totally random photos, but then Summer holidays are totally random aren't they? That's what I love about them most :-)


Leisha said...

Looks like you have had the best summer. As a mother of three boys I totally relate. I love the holidays and the release of all the school routine, however it is nice when school starts to have time to your self.

Maison Jen said...

A really lovely post Alice. So true! It can be chaotic in my house too during the summer - even more than usual! Sounds like you had such a great summer. I am also glad of a little more peace in the mornings this past week. I've two sisters too, no boys in my house either growing up. You're so right boys can be crazy! X

Thrifted Treasure said...

Thanks girls, apparently as mums of all boys we're meant to have it easier in the teenage years, we'll see ;-)

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