Thursday, July 5, 2012

Are you being served?

One of my biggest addictions is servingware! I have so much that a lot of it has just ended up stuffed away in cupboards unused, so a couple of weeks ago I did a big clean out and put the pieces I liked best into the sideboard in our dining area in the hope they'll get used more often.

Here are some I don't think I've shared on the blog before...

I bought this lovely elegant salad bowl in Vinnie's for $10. It's "Country Road" a designer Australian brand, in perfect condition and would have cost about $60 new. I also picked up the salad servers the same day for $2.

These dishes are also by "Country Road", great for olives etc - $2 each.

Another pair of olive dishes - $1 each.

MORE olive dishes, these are new, I got them in David Jones but just fell in love with the fish design and deep blue colour.

A couple of more fishies, the top one was bought in Vinnie's for $5 and the bottom one was bought in a lovely little homewares store in a country town called Bowral.

From fish to fruit, a cute pair of glass apple dishes - 50 cents each.

I have seen these lovely pottery apple dishes crop up on Etsy every so often, usually just single or a few, so I was delighted to pick up a full set with reasonable shipping to Australia :-)

I love this huge wooden platter, I bought it ages ago and can't remember what I paid - only a few dollars I think.

Yet another platter, you can't have too many, can you? $4 in Vinnie's.

This bowl was from a craft shop, I love the ethnic design :-)

A cute bowl and dish - perfect for chips and dip - $2 each.

I love serving up cake on pretty plates - these cost a couple of dollars each. The bottom dish is one of my favourites, it was made in France by "Gien" and features a beautiful bird of paradise painting.

Now do you see why I'm so desperate for lots of open shelving in my dream kitchen? Such a shame for all these lovely things to be hidden away :-)


Bijou Sugar-Socks said...

they are all so lovely :) and yes i agree, cake should be served in pretty plates :)

Emma said...

You have such an eye! Love the cake plates and the little apple dishes are so precious! x

SixBalloons said...

I think you are ready for a party!

Meg said...

I love every one of the finds...I can't choose

Heather said...

I love EVERYTHING, but I think the apple dishes and that cool salad bowl are my faves. Great scores!

Evelyn said...

wow, you do love blues, these are very pretty plates.