Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fave Flea

Twice a year a nearby Church runs a flea market which is one of my absolute favourite haunts for finding lovely things. The market held a few weeks ago was no exception...

A beautiful pie dish.

A pretty tin.

Elegant salad servers.

Yet another wire egg basket.

A beautiful Royal Doulton plate.

More Pyrex!

These wine glasses are so pretty, it's hard to see in the photo but the glass is slightly bubbled.

And a cute, retro lamp.

The grand total for all these items was $15.50!

My boys always eagerly await my return from this particular market as I usually bring home pressies for them. This time was no exception - puzzles, Star Wars glow in the dark ships and Clone Wars walkie-talkies. Everyone's a winner :-)


Meg said...

Really beautiful finds! xx

Emma said...

Fantastic haul! Flea markets are always the best for good bargains, I find the op shops nowadays are often quite unrealistic with their pricing. x

SixBalloons said...

Ooh great finds! Love that turquoise gooseberry.

Stephanie said...

Turquoise gooseberry?! Oh no you didn't! Looks great!

Vintage Hunter said...

Great finds - I especially love the red lamp!

Vonlipi said...

Love the turquoise Gooseberry!

Would you be interested in an overseas trade?

Maybe a canadian delphite blue 502 fridgie with blue lid?

Let me know :)

Miss V

Charlotte said...

Love the Pyrex bowl!! Turquoise Pyrex is just so pretty :) Great finds!

Minnie said...

Wow, those are great finds. And for $15!?? My favorite is your retro lamp. Such a lovely shade of orange. It's one of my favorite colors. Does it take standard size bulbs? I found a miniature retro lamp (also orange!) a couple of years ago and am coming up empty for a replacement bulb. Am sort of sad I can't enjoy it properly.

And yes, my kids indulge my love of thrift because it usually means a little something for them, too. I hope these days don't end at some point.

Thrifted Treasure said...

Thanks everyone, I'm delighted with the turquoise gooseberry, didn't even know it existed till I saw it there! Vonlipi, I love the idea of a swap but can't let this one go I'm afraid :-)