Thursday, January 22, 2009

On the make

My eldest is a very creative little man, he loves making things out of sticks and shapes and drawing too and quite often really amazes me with his ideas. He's particularly fond of making trains and helicopters with sticks and glue and I have a drawer full of these little creations. I recently thought I would return the favour and make some things for him too, I couldn't have even imagined his reaction to the cushion I made him below:

"You made this for me? It's mine? It belongs to me. Don't make one for the boys"! (meaning it was pretty special to him and he wanted me to only make one for him and not his brothers too :-) He was so pleased, it is now ones of his absolute favourite things, he sits on in when watching TV, snuggles on it when we're having cuddles, if he sees me or Daddy using it he very politely brings over another cushion to swap so he can have this one.

Very delighted with his reaction I have various other projects on the go for the boys, I am going to use the various vintage style fabrics I bought off eBay to make bunting for the boys' room.

The boys have a mini Radio Flyer pull along little red wagon they store books in and also a full-sized red wagon they pull each other along in so I thought this red wagon themed fabric would be a good choice for the bunting, along with...

The boys have a nice little collection of tin toys including rockets, robots etc, great fabric to match!

Including this vintage plane fabric in the bunting will coordinate nicely with the cushion I made.

And my middle little man loves robots, rockets etc, hence the choice of this fabric. I also recently made a Space-themed wall hanging for him which got lots of smiles. As you can probably tell, I'm no Martha Stewart but these things are made with love, so I'm still proud of them :-)

Another recent creation which was a hit was the chalkboard below I made using a fibreboard panel, chalkboard paint, old comics and PVA glue.

Another future project is a mobile using pieces of a vintage map jigsaw.

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Home Girl said...

would love to see some photos of the helicopters etc made of sticks. u are amazing getting these projects done - where do u find the time? i have a stack in my 'to do' pile - must get some finished. the fabric is fantastic - esp love the robot and space themed ones. v inspiring what lucky boys to have such a creative mum making their world so cool!