Monday, January 26, 2009

All mapped out

I have always loved maps and atlases, don't ask me why I find leafing though an atlas so relaxing, it's up there with browsing through holiday brochures as one of my favourite ways to relax. My biggest little man also seems to have this fascination, we bought him one of those giant Children's maps of the world when he was just a baby and stuck it on his wall at his level, he loved pointing out all the little boats and characters and stuff.

As he gets bigger I am keen to encourage this interest, and also his interest in all things to do with transport (especially trains of course)! He's the jetsetter of the 3, had been in 8 countries by the time he was 2, our second was in 4 countries by the time he was 6 months old, and guess what? Our youngest hasn't been out of Australia yet!!! Jetsetting is just that bit more difficult with 3 munchkins in tow, at least until they get older anyway. So for now it's holidays in Oz with our boys, but in the meantime I still enjoy finding items to encourage the whole world/travel interest.

I love these vintage cases, perfect for the rascals to store their treasures in, I think originally they were children's cases for school, the middle one is from a carboot sale and the other two from eBay, they go perfectly together, grand total - $41.

I was delighted with this wooden bookstand, $5 in Vinnie's, perfect for holding this big atlas, $2 in Vinnie's.

As you can see it's an old atlas, anyone been to Yugoslavia lately?


Super Sarah said...

I gave my husband two old prints from an atlas as a birthday gift two years ago. We have them framed and hung in our living room. One is Australia and one is Africa - I love them and we both have a fascination with old maps and how territories and names have changed!

Home Girl said...

i'm a map lover too - have had my eye out for a big world map to hang on the wall. lovely pics