Thursday, January 15, 2009

Office Geek!

Ssshhhh, don't tell anyone but I've always been a bit of a stationery/office supplies geek. I always loved getting my new stationery ready for the new school year and this love has extended into my thrifting, I love when I find something gorgeous that can be used in the home-office.

This beautiful vintage typewriter is one of my favourite finds ever! $10 in Vinnie's!

Gorgeous wooden document trays - $4 each in Vinnie's

I can't believe I thrifted a stapler but this one has a lovely art-deco look to it I couldn't resist.


Home Girl said...

cool finds - i have been looking for those wooden in/out tray thingys - lucky u! will be keeping my eye on your blog - its a great way to communicate with the world when stuck a home xxxx ps thanks for the link xxx

Mitzi said...

I love vintage office stuff too - those paper trays are awesome! More people are collecting that kind of thing these days too - great finds! :)