Friday, January 31, 2014

Paris Je t'aime

It's hard to believe that our trip to Paris was 13 months ago! It was such a fantastic break for my husband and I getting away together without the kids for the first time!!! We had 6 lovely days in the most beautiful city in the world whilst our boys had a fantastic time with our wonderful family in Ireland.

Probably a bit late to be sharing photos but still thought I'd put a few up here. I'm one of those people who's perfectly at home with a digital camera and all its functions but is completely mystified by the process of backing up photos from an iPhone. But I've done it so here are a few Instagram snaps :-)

The stunning Sacré Coeur. We walked up many, many steps to see this and it was worth every single one of them. Because we were there in December there were lots of little Winter market stalls everywhere and such a fantastic atmosphere.

Beautiful rooftops with lovely little apartments tucked away inside. It's always been one of my dreams to stay in a tiny little Paris rooftop apartment and that dream was fulfilled on our trip. We stayed in a gorgeous little place at the top of many flights of little winding stairs, French windows opening out onto gorgeous views of all the other rooftops, I was in heaven!

This structure needs no introduction. Who doesn't love the Eiffel Tower, the most famous symbol of this beautiful city.


The Moulin Rouge!

The Louvre. We were lucky the day we visited that it wasn't crazy busy and were able to have a good long look at the Mona Lisa and the many other stunning treasures this unbelievable museum houses.

Notre Dame Cathedral.

Shakespeare and Company - possibly the most famous bookshop in the world. It doesn't disappoint on the inside either, a little warren of book-stuffed rooms with arty types lounging around on sofas, in one room a guy playing guitar, in another a poetry reading, I could have spent a whole day there!

Delicious seafood at one of the many produce markets.

Jim Morrison's grave at the Pere Lachaise cemetery.

Sigh, I have another squillion photos on my camera that I haven't sorted yet but these pictures really bring back memories and make me ache to go back again. As Audrey Hepburn is famous for saying "Paris is always a good idea".

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