Thursday, January 9, 2014

Lifestyley shot attempt (and fail).

I really love "Mum blogs"! You know the type, a glamorous mum with at LEAST 4 kids and a beautiful home blogging about life with children, recipes, shopping tips etc. Their blogs always exude such calm, their photos are always fabulous. I know deep down they must deal with the same chaos and mess all mums do but still I love to aspire to the calm domestic goddessness they exude.

Anyway about 20 minutes ago I put the kids to bed (they were being feral, had to be done), my hubbie is out for the evening and just as I grabbed my Home Beautiful mag and iPad for a nice evening's read I thought, hey I'll try to do one of those lifestyle shots with my food and mags. I put my apple pie on a pretty vintage plate instead of the crappy BigW dishes we use most days, I put it on a nice robin-egg blue napkin (not ironed) to hide the scratches on the table and then carefully arranged my magazine and FAB new iPad mini with retina display (whatever that is).

The result is pretty poor, I couldn't get it looking right, then the kids were calling me for various reasons "I need a drink", "I need my inhaler", I need to go to the toilet", "He threw his pillow at me" (they all share a room) and as my apple pie got colder and my ice-cream started to melt, I thought "Sod this" and wolfed it down.

But anyway, here's my little attempt at giving the illusion of being a calm, relaxed domestic goddess with time to spare..

Yes, I DID save the last piece of apple pie for myself, I bloody deserve it ;-)


Fiona said...

This sounds like my life. Well done to get that piece of pie to yourself!

Charlotte said...

Hahaha! I often think this way, I'll just put it on a nice plate & take a pic. Then I can't get it right, the baby cries & the toddler is hanging off my leg. Then the toddler attempts to eat the cake before A) I can take a pic, or B) I can eat it myself! Lol! Thankfully Instagram pics take no time at all & the filters hide the food stains on the bench ;)

Thrifted Treasure said...

:-) I reckon I deserved it!

Thrifted Treasure said...

I think I need to join Instagram again, lots of food stains on our bench!