Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Use the Force

I think it's safe to say there is a Star Wars OBSESSION going on at our house at the moment, it's been here a while and isn't showing any signs of going away. I don't mind one little bit, I'm a bit of a Star Wars fan myself, more so the original 3 movies, seriously who cast the 3 newer episodes? All time classic scene - Anakin Skywalker yelling "What have I done?!?"

I can be found many a day at 7am having light saber battles with my eldest, constructing battleships out of lego and having deep and meaningful conversations about the benefits of Darth Maul's double ended light saber over the Jedi single ones.

Anyway, I have gathered a cute little assortment of some of the Star Wars items available on Etsy right now that other parents of tiny "Jedi" or Star Wars geeks like myself might like too :-)

I'd love to buy them ALL for myself, I mean for my boys ;-)


SixBalloons said...

Haha, wow, that is a gorgeous group of items. Amazing what creative people can produce!

The White Pear Tree said...

Love the "Come to the dark side, we have cookies" one! LOL!

Vanessa said...

I LOVE the original three movies too, retro sci-fi, 70s kitsch, robots, it's impossible not to love! Nice round-up of art!

Esther said...

My eleven year old daughter only just discovered the awesomeness that is Star Wars (and lego) so I have someone to get excited with now. She saved up her money to buy a Darth Vader outfit. I'm definately showing her these pics when she gets home from school. Love them.

Sunny Simple Life said...

My hubby was just dusting his SW guys from his childhood that peek down at us from a shelf in our den. Fellow lovers over here.