Thursday, January 29, 2015

Paris Encore :-)

A couple of weeks ago I checked my email and found a very lovely surprise - flight and hotel confirmations! My gorgeous man had booked us a 3 night trip to Paris (without the kids)!!! And so last Thursday, with our boys happily looking forward to a fun weekend with their grandparents and auntie we flew off to our favourite city :-)

This was out third trip to Paris together and I can safely say I could never get sick of this beautiful place. One of my favourite spots is the Sacré Coeur, up high on a hill in Mont Marte it overlooks the whole of Paris and is such a beautiful cathedral, inside and out. I love the little square around the corner where the local artists sell their paintings and there are beautiful cafés and bistros to eat.

We watch a lot of French movies and one of our favourites is Amelie. We had breakfast in the café in which many scenes in the movie were filmed and it is every bit as charming in real life!

The cheese, the seafood... French food stores are amazing!!!

Even things that would be boring in other cities, like signs for the underground, are beautiful in Paris.

The Arc De Triomphe, I was far too amused by all the people taking photos with their selfie-sticks to take any decent photos of it myself :-D

I LOVE the Eiffel Tower, I love its beautiful intricate ironwork, gorgeous from any angle, even underneath! It's hard to believe this was originally intended as a temporary structure.

We took a boat trip along the river Seine.

Notre Dame Cathedral is just so beautiful, the rose windows are amazing from the inside.

My favourite bookshop in the world, Shakespeare and Company, famous from being in many movies, so lovely and cosy on the inside, a bookworm's heaven!

The Louvre is really beautiful by night, there was uproar when the pyramid was originally built, many people felt it detracted from the building's beauty but I kind of like it :-)

And no city in the world sparkles quite like Paris by night, with lights twinkling up and down the Eiffel Tower and the gorgeous buildings all lit up.

We had a fantastic few days, I always feel sad leaving Paris but was so excited to get home to my little boys who also had a great few days getting spoilt :-)


tara mcdonnell said...

You Lucky Duck Ali

Hum, do you reckon your Dad would notice if we chucked my girls in to him too !
BTW Look at this ~ I think they are related !

Curtains in My Tree said...

OMGosh your pictures are wonderful and I really enjoyed them each.
I will never make it over to Paris so I always enjoy seeing pictures of people who have been


Thrifted Treasure said...

The more the merrier :-D I can't open that link, just get an error, is it part of the ancestry you're doing?

Thrifted Treasure said...

Thanks Janice, it really is a beautiful city :-)

thrifty amos said...

It all looks so stunning!!!I must admit I gasped at the photo of the Ameilie cafe, how exciting!!

A little bit country said...

Fantastic photos, Paris is on my wish list of places to go with Mr H. xo

Thrifted Treasure said...

It was such a lovely surprise, brekkie in the café was so yum we went twice :-)

Thrifted Treasure said...

It's such a beautiful city, definitely go if you get the chance :-)