Thursday, October 10, 2013

All mixed up

I absolutely love clattering about my kitchen, making a big mess with pots, pans and bowls everywhere. We have a dishwasher but I am "old skool" and prefer to wash by hand. In the 9 months we have lived in this house the only time the dishwasher has even been opened was the day we moved in when I checked that the last tenants hadn't left anything behind.

I've mentioned many times how much I love kitchenware and some of my favourite things to collect are mixing bowls and jugs. I have LOTS, some vintage, some brand new, all very loved :-) Here are my favourites...

I love this vintage large lotus bowl, it cost a couple of dollars as far as I remember.

Another vintage classic shaped mixing bowl, again I think I paid about $2 for this.

I got this lovely beige "Delicious" mixing bowl with spout in the Myer sale.

A classic styled blue Tala mixing bowl, from Victoria's Basement, one of my absolute favourites!

Another market find, a cute white bowl with spout.

I love this pretty pink Le Creuset mixing bowl from their "Junior" range :-)

I got this fab red snowman mixing jug from "Meadows and Byrne" in Ireland last year, can't wait to use it at Christmas :-)

This beautiful huge robin egg blue mixing jug is another Irish purchase, I got my lovely Dad to buy it for me last year then lugged it back on the plane to Australia with me :-)

I love these blue vintage "Fowler Ware" bowls, made in Australia.

Yet another buy from Ireland, I adore this Mason and Cash red strawberry bowl.

This Le Creuset teal mixing jug is from Myer.

I got this fab pink mixing jug on eBay.

I love the vintage patina on this bowl, a flea market find.

I bought this gorgeous set of Nigella Lawson blue nesting mixing bowls on Amazon, they are a gorgeous shape to hold under your arm while mixing :-)

And no bowl post would be complete without some Pyrex of course! I have never seen the pattern on this large cinderella bowl before, anyone know what it's called?

And you couldn't possibly forget my leaning tower of Pyrex could you? ;-) To see those bowls in all their glory click here.

Oh this is only the tip of the iceberg but that's all for today, I wouldn't want you getting too bowled over (sorry I couldn't resist ;-)


Bijou Sugar-Socks said...

i have bowl envy now :D they are gorgeous!

Kelly Jackson said...

Omigosh, gorg collection; the blue ones are especially gorg. You collect bowls like I collect vintage jewellery. :) xo

Blonde One (Deb) said...

Absolutely beautiful I love bowls. I love the pink ones too don't see them very often. thank you for sharing part of your amazing collection. The pyrex is just to die for never seen anything like that one.

Thrifted Treasure said...

Ha ha bowl envy! I love it :)

Thrifted Treasure said...

Thanks Kelly, hope you and your gorgeous baby boy are well :) Autumn must be beautiful in Annecy.

Thrifted Treasure said...

Thanks Deb, I've never seen that design before either, it's made in Australia so maybe it was a special occasion piece or something?

thrifty amos said...

Wow, I love them all! my boyfriend always uses the phrase " but we have a bowl" or a pot or what ever it is i'm after. I'm definitely going to show him this post! You can never have too many.
They are all lovely but I think the strawberry one is my favourite:) But I could be biased because it's Irish!

Sarah hanrahan said...

SUCH an impressive collection!! your making me want to get into the kitchen & start cooking!!