Friday, August 30, 2013


I often find that my mood or the weather can totally affect what I end up bringing home with me from a market or rummage sale. On a gloomy cloudy day I often bring home dark teals and blues and heavy wooden homewares or on days where I am in a fantastic mood I bring home bright cheery retro items. Today for example is a beautiful sunny day here in Sydney, it's the second last day of Winter and 25 degrees celsius! I visited a church sale this morning and it was only when I got home a while ago that I realised my purchases have a definite tropical outdoorsy feel to match the fabulous sunny weather :-)

I love French shopping baskets, they are very in style at the moment and can cost a lot, this one was $3.

This cute hurricane lantern was $1, it will look fab on our deck!

I can never turn down a gorgeous jar, I have been looking to find one big enough to fill with fairy lights and leave outside on our porch, this is perfect - $2!

I usually don't even bother opening picnic baskets to look inside anymore having found they are usually pretty nasty but the cute compact size of this one drew my interest, it's in fab condition and I love the palm tree motif on the fabric, so tropical! And only $2!

You know what's going to happen to this raw pine little key cabinet don't you? Yes, it's going to get a good old coat of Duck Egg blue paint and a cute new handle :-) It cost $2.

My boys have outgrown some of the cutie vintage items I bought when they were younger but no boy is too big for a boat - $2.

This bamboo trivet was $1!

Cute little wire home scene - 50 cents.

I bought 6 of these love heart wire hangers in varying sizes for 50 cents each.

And what have all these finds been sitting on for their photoshoot? This fab cane side table was $2!!! I put all my other stuff in it and lugged it home on the train and bus, well worth the effort.

So including the brand new black leather Kindle case ($2) and three Mr. Men books I also bought (50 cents each) my entire spend was only $22!!!

Now to hide all my stuff and hope that since it's been so long since my last post my hubbie doesn't bother reading my blog anymore. But I hope someone out there still does :-)


SixBalloons said...

Still here!!!

Thrifted Treasure said...

Yaaay! I've been such a slack blogger! Just catching up on all my fave blogs today after a few months internet hiatus, heading over to yours now :-)

Skye said...


How cute are those love heart coathangers? I used to have some in the 90s, now I want them again!

Thrifted Treasure said...

I know! I'm starting to worry though, I have found myself buying way too many cutesy heart things recently, one last bout of girliness before I turn 40 in November?!?

Amy Lavender Harris said...

I do! Have been checking in semi-regularly for months! Love your posts and finds -- hope to see more again soon! :)

Thrifted Treasure said...

Thank you!!! Hoping to post more regularly again :)