Friday, October 1, 2010

Perfect Baby Shower

I would like to share a very lovely website with you today.

A friend of mine is a partner in Perfect Baby Shower, a beautiful online store specialising in everything you could possibly need to host an unforgettable baby shower as well as adorable baby gifts, gorgeous hampers and gifts for mum too.

It is a beautifully designed website, easy to navigate and to be honest, after browsing all the teeny-tiny baby loveliness I'm feeling all fuzzy and clucky :-)

Look at the beautiful stationery, tableware and decorations, how wonderful would it be to host a baby shower for a family member or close friend and for her to arrive and see all this?

So many beautiful gifts to bring to the shower or order after bubs is born.

If you're thinking of throwing a baby shower, feel like pampering a pregnant friend (or yourself) or would like to go shopping for a little bundle of joy you can visit Perfect Baby Shower here.

They will also have a display at the Baby and Toddler Show this weekend in Sydney, so if you're there pay a visit and check out all the baby loveliness in person :-)


Super Sarah said...

What a gorgeous website! I have a close friend having her third baby in December and it would be lovely to throw her a combined birthday/baby shower. Somehow babies further down the line don't seem to get the celebration even if you don't ask for gifts.

Emma said...

The website looks gorgeous and what a great idea! Also... it took all my self-control not to stomp on the kid's toe believe me!!! Our boys would have a ball together I am sure!

Van said...

Very cute, I like how there are many unique, thoughtful gifts available. In the last shot, the hand-painted sanded-looking first aid kit gives me an idea to make my own! Hmmm...