Friday, March 19, 2010


Nothing really say retro more than a rainbow logo does it? Here are a couple of favourite bags I have picked up on my wanderings...

I adore this retro Trafalgar Travel tour bag from back in the day when coachloads of British and Irish would descend upon Spain in search of bingo and fish 'n' chips in the sun :-) It was in the "Take for free" box in an op shop although being a charity shop obviously I gave a donation.

H has claimed it to use to store his art-in-progress (believe me, there's a lot, some days our lounge looks like a paper factory has exploded all over it)!

I was delighted to pick up this compact little laptop bag for $2. It's a nice size, perfect for a small laptop or maybe an iPad (HINT HINT HUBBIE)!!!

Anyone else prefer the old retro Apple Mac logo with the rainbow colours?


Linda said...

Love the rainbow apple logo!!

. said...

Hahaha...very retro I love it!