Monday, February 15, 2010

Rozelle Tinted Glasses

Rozelle Market is located in Sydney's inner west. I have only been a handful of times as it's quite a trek from where I live. My first couple of visits yielded some of my favourite finds ever including my lovely 2 drawer card catalogue and my beautiful wooden wooden box and vintage fan.

So on my last couple of visits it was with great excitement I set off in hope of finding more items on my wishlist. Alas, I didn't find anything mind-blowing but still came across some cute items...

Eiffel Tower - $2. French text book - $2.

Lovely rusty letter A (my first initial) - $1.

Original oil painting of Lane Cove national park - $5.

Original oil painting of Lake Wanaka in New Zealand - $5.

My husband and I stayed at this lake on our road trip around New Zealand when I was pregnant with H :-)

Fantastic map of the Pacific Ocean floor - $3.

I'm hoping to be able to flatten this for framing, it has fold crease marks - any ideas would be appreciated - cover it with a sheet and iron maybe?

I couldn't resist the steely blue and rust of this old iron - it will make cute decor in our laundry room - $6.

A couple more Aussie story books for the boys' collection - $1 each.

Yes! I have been looking for a slide-viewer for a while now, this one was $8, I love the packaging too!

This map of Sydney's Upper North Shore including the Hawkesbury River region is from the 1970s and cost $1. My hubbie and I got engaged at Cottage Point Inn at the Hawkesbury River back in 2000.

The map is from a newspaper and I just noticed after photographing it that the entertainment section is on the other side, the ads make for great reading and a chuckle, nights out in the seventies were a whole different ball game, definitely deserve a post of their own soon.


Jennie said...

Awesome finds, and I love the personal history involved too :)

Andy said...

these are all gorgeous! i'm obsessed with maps so i'm so tempted to tell you to dont bother in framing that pacific floor plan and just send it to me! haha. you are so an expert at thrifting!


littlebyrd said...

Fantastic finds! I love ocean floor map and the slide viewer!!

Leslie said...

I am envious. I love the Eiffel Tower and the letter A (The first initial of my last name). The maps are cool too.

ThriftyAnnabella said...

Nice finds

grunge-queen said...

Gotta love it - only the French could make a textbook look like a work of art! And the iron: very 'you'!

Missa said...

You always find such wonderful things. I love all the blues in this bunch too :)

katiecrackernuts said...

Great finds. I've never been to this market because it's out of my way too, but I'd like to visit. I'll have to make a plan to make a daytrip of that neck of the woods perhaps.