Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Definition from the Oxford English Dictionary:

Noun. an obsessive desire to set fire to things.

What nonsense! Pyromania, ACTUALLY, is the obsessive desire to hunt down and buy vintage pyrex (at least in my case).

What's not to love about vintage pyrex? It looks great, lasts forever and can be used daily. To be honest, my cooking needs all the help it can get and my potato-bake looks so much more delicious when it emerges from the oven in a gorgeous pyrex dish. Unfortunately I don't come across it that often, and even when I do I only buy it if I love the pattern. Here are some favourites...

Blue peacock patterned mixing bowl - $2

Christmassy snowflake baking dish - $5

Pink leaf patterned bowl - $3

Orange casserole dish - $3

Usually the problem is finding lids to go with the dishes I buy, but if you come across a lone pyrex lid don't pass it by. I picked up this lovely grape patterned one for $1 and find it great for cooking shallow items in the oven such as fish, aubergine slices etc.

With a brand new uninspiring glass pyrex casserole costing about $45 in departments stores, why not go out and hunt down some vintage pyrex which usually costs under $5 per piece? Next time you see some, snap it up! Unless of course you see me reaching for it too, in which case, run for your life!

To see some serious pyrex collectors check out Pyrex Love.


katiecrackernuts said...

You have hit the jackpot. I find my Pyrex dishes so handy. It's like they're the perfect design for family dishes.

kurrabikid said...

Oh wow, they're ALL lovely. From now on I vow to look harder for pieces of Pyrex...

Anonymous said...

I should try and quit you, really I should.

When my husband and I were unpacking the kitchen he got a glimpse at just how many pyrex bowls I had aquired. Through his eyes, I had to admit we did not need 4 large groovy avacado green mixing bowls.

But now, NOW I am on the hunt for the peacock pattern. I had never seen it before but will be looking. My husband does not thank you! :)

The Queen of Clearance said...

I looove pyrex! just stumbled across you blog and love it! I think you just made me want to start collecting the stuff!

Missa said...

I love vintage pyrex. I have a few pieces but nothing nearly as perfect as that blue peacock bowl! Like you said, the really nice colors and patterns are a bit hard to come by. It looks as though you've been pretty lucky though!

Great idea for the lids too and you never know when you'll come across the lone bottom to match :)

Home Girl said...

gorgeous finds - wish they were mine, my cooking can do with some help too and these beauties must make food taste even better!

Toronto Yardsaler said...

Love the Pyrex. I just can't say no to buying it either. My Aussie dad was interested when I told him I was in contact with someone from your neck of the woods in N.S.W. Dad said to tell you that he had two aunts that lived on Charlton St. in a house called Koala. Later, they sold their block of land to Ken Rosewall, the famous Australian tennis player. I told him I'd share this with you.
Hope you're having fun with the kids,
Erin Toronto Yard Sale Snoop.