Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Picture Perfect

I really love picking up original artwork in Op Shops or at markets, I enjoy the fact that the piece is one of a kind, that there aren't thousands of the same out there. I don't buy original art for the sake of it though, it has to mean something to me or be really pleasing to look at. The following piece is one of my absolute favourites.

My hubbie and I lived on Victoria Street in Potts Point for almost 4 out of the 7 years we've lived in Australia. It is a special place to us, one of the first places we visited when we came to Australia originally on a holiday and my now sister-in-law lived there. It's where we lived when we got engaged, when I found out I was pregnant with our first little boy, when we brought him home after he was born... There is a small row of old houses on this street that always fascinated me, in old photos of the region before all the apartment blocks went up you can see them perched there up on the hill. Back before I had kids it would have been my dream to own one, close to the city, great location, I even went to have a sticky-beak when one came on the market. Since having 3 kids my ideal of a dream home has changed considerably, I now envision us living much further out, with land around us for the boys to play on. I couldn't believe it when I came across this painting of those very houses in Vinnie's, they remind me of a very special time in my life :-)

I love these 2 paintings of boats, particularly the one of Junk Boats, it reminds me of Hong Kong, one of the first long-haul destinations hubbie and I ever travelled to together, I can still remember being in awe of the energy of the place, the smells of all the delicious foods in the street markets, the heat... These 2 pictures came in really nasty industrial metal frames, not "New York Loft-Chic Industrial" but more "Framed Office Motivational Slogan Industrial", I have dumped the frames and am looking for some nice wooden ones.

I really like this painting, I usually stay away from floral paintings as they tend to lean towards pinks and yellows, whereas I'm more of a greens, blues and greys girl. This one makes me feel kind of calm when I look at it.


grunge-queen said...

Amazing finds! I buy all my art in the thrift shop too, and like you I'm an emotional buyer ... for example, I bought one painting as it reminded me of how I imagined Heaven to be as a child!

Tricia said...

Great art work! I especially love the junk boats.

Missa said...

I dream of filling a whole wall with nothing but a mish mash of thrifted art. Unfortunately this is not a dream shared by my husband :(

I love the boat paintings!

Jenifir said...

I agree with you about art having to mean something to you. We still need to collect more but I like it when a collection evolves. I have yet to find anything decent at the thrift stores though. Lucky you!